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Jean Shepherd’s “I Libertine” Literary Hoax

Tuesday, December 2nd, 2014


Video: Regions Sociology Cultural Anthropology Politics of China

Monday, September 21st, 2009

Part 1


Part 2


Part 3


Part 4

Video: The Prize – The Epic Quest for Oil Money and Power

Monday, August 31st, 2009

‚ÄčPart 1

 In the style of the acclaimed CIVIL WAR series, THE PRIZE tells the epic history of oil – how it has dominated global politics, shaken the world economy, and transformed our century. Shot on location in Azerbaijan, Egypt, England, Indonesia, Japan, Kuwait, Mexico, Russia, Scotland, Turkey, and the United States, the series features fascinating characters, never-before-seen archival footage, newly filmed segments, and interviews with the people who shaped the oil industry. Yergin appears on camera throughout the series to discuss oil's impact on politics, economics, and the environment. We see how oil becomes the largest industry in the world–a game of huge risks and monumental rewards. Narrated by Donald Sutherland, THE PRIZE represents cinematic storytelling at its best – a historically significant tale of a quest for mastery that has revolutionized our civilization." PART ONE: Our Plan "Trace the turbulent, rapid rise of the world's biggest business, how a visionary but ruthless John D. Rockefeller controlled it–and how reporter Ida Tarbell took him on in one of the most famous muckraking exposes ever. A fascinating look at Rockefeller's controversial legacy, the rise of modern business, and how Tarbell served as the role model for the modern investigative journalist

Part 2

The Prize Episode Two: Empires of Oil "Witness capitalism on a grand scale: how Shell Oil and Royal Dutch merged, then challenged the supremacy of Rockefeller's Standard Oil. A compelling tale of how oil transformed everyday life in the farthest corners of the globe, made Russia a great oil power, and helped the Allies win World War I

 Part 3

The Prize Episode Three: The Black Giant "It's the Roaring Twenties, and the magic of oil touches everyone, from millions of new car owners to hopeful Texan wildcatters. The American oil industry wrestles with shortage and surplus, as flamboyant entrepreneur Calouste Gulbenkian stakes his claim in Iraq

Part 4

The Prize Episode Four: War and Oil "The untold story of World War II unfolds: how oil dictated strategy to Hitler; how lack of oil slowed Japan's war machine; how oil ultimately determined victory or defeat. Features rare footage on the critical impact of oil on decisive military events

Part 5

The Prize Episode Five: Crude Diplomacy "Post World War II America awakens to the strategic importance of oil and witnesses a key moment in history when oil production shifts from the US to the Middle East. An extraordinary cast of characters, including Arabian kings, US presidents, British adventurers, Iranian politicians, and American explorers paint a global portrait of how oil shaped the world economy and politics

Part 6

The Prize Episode Six: Power to the Producers "It's the heyday of cheap oil, the dawn of the Hydrocarbon Society…and the introduction of a prosperous new automobile culture for Americans. Follow the flamboyant characters, plots, and counterplots, as the producing countries and the independent oil companies challenge the "Seven Sisters"–and open a new era in world oil

Part 7

 The Prize Episode Seven: The Tinderbox "Relive two decades of upheaval that shook the world as power shifted, and nations and companies jockeyed for position–amidst embargoes, shortages, and surpluses. A unique view of the rise of the OPEC era, beginning with the British withdrawal from the Persian Gulf and ending with the burning oil wells of Kuwait

Part 8

The Prize Episode Eight: The New Order of Oil "The Gulf War marked the beginning of a new era for the Hydrocarbon Society. This program explores the relationship between oil and the environmental c wlitith onscience, and the technological race to balance energy, economic, and ecological needs in the Information Age. WARNING:  This episode is not good because it focuses in on the ecological criticisms.  If you watch it note how GreenPeace member positions himself in front of an oil platform and criticizes.  He tried to make himself look big by doing so but ends up paling in comparison with the work of titans in the form of an oil derrick.  Very little content is useful because we all know cities have smog due to many cars being driven.  What the environmentalists fail to do is solve any problems as they are in effect professional complainers with little to no skill in engineering or science,

Samuel Langhorne Clemens aka Mark Twain

Monday, July 13th, 2009


The first book I ever read was read to me before falling asleep at night by my mother.  It was Huck Finn by Mark Twain.   You can find some of his works online to read at the following locations:


Auxiliary Information


The defaced illustration


First edition

Video: Castles episode #1: How to supplant a ruling class – A historical guide to the stroke of state – coup d’etat

Thursday, July 2nd, 2009

This is episode 1 of the series on English castles.  Castles were most useful shortly after the 1066 Norman invasion of England.   They were called "mottes and baileys".  Shown in the picture below the motte is not the ditch around the hill but the hill.  Perhaps that is how the word moat got its start.  

Imagine you had 30,000 men and you wanted to conquer an island nation of 4 million people.  What would you do?  A direct warfare would not result in the outcome you want.  You need to supplant the existing ruling class.   To start off with you invade and run the land based equivalent of an aircraft carrier.   You base your cavalry in a motte and bailey and now you can control a radius of about 30 miles around it.   But how does this large earthwork get built ?  It is a significant hand dug affair.   You use local labor.   You see the passive underclasses are unlikely to put up significant resistance against you and they are susceptible to being paid by the invaders.   People while being different are mostly the same and thus once one ruling class replaced by another the governed do not sense much difference between one overlord and another.   If you watch the rest of the videos you will note the progression of the "castle" from a very practical tool of conquest to that of status symbol of the posh snobby elite of England.   The assymtotic behavior of england was to welcome its invaders.  As this occurred the castle became the object of the social climber’s compulsions.

Castle – Host Marc Morris – links to the the rest of the episodes.   Embedded above is episode 1 of the series on English castles
—- Episode 1
—- Episode 2
—- Episode 3
—- Episode 4
—- Episode 5
—- Episode 6

 Having been treated to a taste of the rather posh english attitude here in Brazil by some upper crust students from England I found it immensely interesting to watch the entire series.       The students observed where ones with whom money is no object.    They were stumped by my friend Pedro’s need to watch his money and avoid spending too much.   One fellow insisted on being called "David".  When I lapsed into American behavior and called him "Dave" ….he promptly said "MY NAME IS DAVID".     There was an interesting dynamic I observed.   One of the English students was from the "commoner" class.   When she was alone she was quite charming and confident.   When with the posh students from England she "shut down" for lack of a better word.    Hugo was one of the posh students was friendly but was from the upper crust still and a socialist / leftist.   I do not have the heart to tell him but there is hardly a more morally superior attitude to assume than to be a rich upper crusty person who is a socialist.

Fast Forward to United States – 2009

Barack Obama’s form of motte and bailey takes a different form.   He supports a ruling class by printing up money and feeding it directly to the lords of the manner.   When a commoner makes bad decisions he has no protective structure as a B.O. monetary motte and bailey.  Contrast that with members of the ruling elite.   Surely not everyone is saved by the financial motte and bailey system but many are.   Its not democracy you are experiencing.  Its conquest.

The Peaceful Military Response to the Russian Invasion of Georgia

Friday, August 15th, 2008

Get Russia to repeat that their invasion is to protect the Russian enclaves.  Then mobilize a massive humanitarian U.N. or USA response.  Locate large U.N. or USA personel in Georgia as quickly as possible.

Then wait for a Russian tank or aircraft to come to near and shoot and destroy it.  Then inform Putin and company that you will not tolerate any threats to humanitarian personel.  If any further aggression occurs warn the Russians to instruct their personel to stap aside from their military hardware as it will be destroyed in 1 hours.  Then use US air power to destroy all tanks in Georgia.

The Russian hardware is not sufficient to stop any of this from happening.  They will not go nuclear as we can match them on this. The sooner the better as you do not want Russia developing feelings of attachment.  We need to strike before they think they own Georgia.

How the patent system favors the borg

Sunday, August 10th, 2008

I find the patent system laughable. 

-1- For the small guy it is just a way to publish your technology so it can be used by other bigger fish sans compensation.  How many lawyers can you afford to pay full time?

-2- Its a great way for big companies to bully little ones.

When I worked at Honeywell we engineers were encouraged to apply for patents.  If Motorola sent a stack of paper 6 inches tall Honeywell wanted to be able to respond with a stack of paper 12 inches tall.

Who but a big company could afford the herd of lawyers required to fight such battles?

How Congress Really Works

Sunday, July 6th, 2008

Get a clue people!  I already knew what you are about to see instinctively.  I’m waiting for you catch up so we can have a better county by putting these useless SOB’s out of business.  All government spending is thus.  You can not separate fly shit from black pepper no matter how magical you think a person may be.  Thus all government decision making is non-market decisions and all either less than or equal to market decisions in quality.  Thus they only logical conclusion is to let the market decide and not politicians.

There must be a cost associated with everything

Sunday, May 11th, 2008

You own and business and you want to encourage gym usage on the part of your employees.  What is the optimum method?  Do you pay the total cost of the membership? The smartest solution is how the owner of EFDATA Bob Fitting handled gym memberships. Gym memberships were subsidized but not free. His explanation was if its free EVERYBODY signs up and they 1 in 10 uses what his company paid for. His solution? It was to charge a nominal fee large enough that you had to really WANT to use the membership or it made no sense. It was like 20 bucks a month. Just enough to make them make a decision. This is a flip side view of the same idea that people do not respect things they get for a low cost.  For example if you are too nice unless the person(s) you are dealing with are very mature and have alot of experience dealing with people you are bound to get short shrift.  Even then it pays to toughen up sometimes.  But then some people are just so sweet they are really not capable of stinking the place up. skunked-again.jpg Its a delicate balance knowing when to spray.  What does Mr. Skanks say?

A person is never so uncool as when they are playing for acceptance

Saturday, May 10th, 2008

The practical fact is its lame being a follower.  That's what you are doing when you play for acceptance. 

I had a friend in middle and high school. His name was Nick.  Nick was always thinking about what was cool.  He had a black leather jacket.  He was an adrenaline junky. He liked his rushes.  He was my best friend all through that time.   When we graduated high school I went off to college.  After a couple of years he headed out to San Francisco. Do you know how uncool it is to be such a follower ? ….latching onto every lame fad and fashion including global warming? A person is never so uncool as when they are playing for acceptance. Go your own way. Think for yourself for a change.  You will wonder how your life got so much better! Nick should have learned that from me.  When we were in high school he got into trouble on various occassions.  I had a knack of knowing when he was up to something and finding something else to do.  He and another friend of his used to act like I was not cool.  I didn't care.  Because my ego is big enough to accept that others don't approve of me for one reason or another.  In fact its one of my most self cherished traits to be so stubbornly egotistical.  But Nick did not learn.  About 1987 he called me up and asked for money.  I poor mouthed and said I did not have any. Later I found out he loaned some money off of his brother and did not pay it back.  Up to that time he had managed his risks and come through untouched.  But Nick loved his rushes.  And he did not have the self discipline that comes from that comes from not playing to acceptance and saying no when its the right thing to do.  So he ended up shooting up meth with one of his cohorts up there.  Only problem was he didn't take the time to get his own needle.  Any needle would have done.  He probably could have soaked any old needle out of the dump in Clorox making sure to pump it through the needle.  But no that would have been uncool.  And nothing got in the way of being uncool for Nick.   I mean really even if you're a tweaker you don't have to be stupid. So he ended up with HIV.   Since he had tried to rip me off he never called.  I never called him because my spider sense that I had developed around him in high school told me not to.  There is no helping an accident waiting to happen.  But let me repeat there is no time when you are more uncool as when you are following the crowd.  Especially if a needle is involved.

An update to this story.  Three years after writing this story in May of 2011 Nick died as a from falling off a ladder and breaking a hip and the resultant infection that occurred.  Rest in Peace my friend.  I learned much from you.  I only wish you had learned the most important thing I had to offer you with my nonconformity.