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George Racey Jordan Diaries – How Wars are Made

Monday, January 2nd, 2017

George Racey Jordan (January 4, 1898, New York – May 5, 1966, Los Angeles) was an American military officer, businessman, lecturer, activist, and author. He first gained nationwide attention in December 1949 when he testified to the United States Congress about wartime Lend-Lease deliveries of nuclear technology to the Soviet Union, in the process implicating Harry Hopkins and other high officials in the transfer of nuclear and other secrets to the USSR.

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  • The entire city of Leningrad was put on "relief" in 1942.  We now call it welfare.
  • Jordan's diary started because he remembered during WW1 that some officers went to jail because they ordered saddles for tanks.

The American Elite and the Origins of the CIA

Sunday, January 1st, 2017

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This lecture delineates the profound connections between Wall Street and U.S. intelligence. Specifically, the talk highlights the disproportionate influence of key Wall Street law firms upon the formation and development of both the OSS (Office of Strategic Services), America's World War II civilian intelligence service and its successor, the Central Intelligence Agency. Men such as William Donovan, Allen Dulles and Frank Wisner were both key intelligence officers and powerful Wall Street lawyers. Along with men like John Foster Dulles (Allen's brother and partner in Sullivan & Cromwell), Carmel Offie, William Bullitt, George Kennan, Paul Nitze and James Forrestal, they did much to shape the history of the 20th century.

The discussion begins with the Versailles Treaty concluding the First World War. Key figures in the machinations of the U.S. delegation to the Versailles negotiations figure prominently in the development of U.S. intelligence and national security policy for decades to follow. They also played a primary role in assisting the development of international fascism, before, during and after World War II. After Versailles, John Foster Dulles (a key member of the American delegation), acting as Special Counsel to the Dawes Committee, helped arrange the loans that re-capitalized Germany under the Dawes Plan. Foster's prominent Wall Street law firm, the above-mentioned Sullivan & Cromwell, profited handsomely from those loans, as well. Dulles' brother Allen also practiced for Sullivan & Cromwell.

The firms capitalized under the Dawes and Young plans were instrumental in promoting the rise of Hitler and creating his war machine. Mussolini, Franco and Poland's Pilsudski were among the European fascists who benefited from the largesse of the Wall Street Elite.

The lecture highlights the role in America's World War II intelligence service–the Office of Strategic Services–of Allen Dulles and another prominent Wall Street lawyer, Frank Wisner. Dulles served as head of the Berne (Switzerland) office of OSS and later in Berlin after the war. In both positions, Dulles interfaced closely with members of the German industrial and financial elite with whom he had worked while serving with Sullivan & Cromwell. Through these contacts, Dulles was instrumental in helping to preserve this German elite after the war.

One of Dulles' principal contacts was Gero von Gaevernitz, who played an important role in introducing German spymaster Reinhard Gehlen to the U.S. intelligence operatives who proved instrumental in bringing the general and his organization into the American intelligence apparat. The lecture highlights the work for both OSS and CIA of Frank Wisner, a partner with Carter, Ledyard and Milburn, another powerful Wall Street Law Firm that was the counsel for the New York Stock Exchange. (Later, when Wisner went to work for the CIA as Deputy Director of Central Intelligence, another Deputy Director, Harding Jackson, was also a former partner in Carter, Ledyard and Milburn.) Both Dulles and Wisner worked intimately with the Gehlen organization when the ex-OSS duo "graduated" to posts with the CIA.

The lecture delineates John Foster Dulles' role as Secretary of State under Eisenhower, when Allen was Director of the CIA. George Kennan was the author of the "containment strategy," a key element of American Cold War policy. As a diplomat serving in Moscow prior to World War II, Kennan became an intimate of Gustav Hilger, a key Third Reich diplomat who worked for the US after World War II.

Lecture Highlights Include: discussion of OSS chief William Donovan's role as an anti-Bolshevik emissary of American industrialist J.P. Morgan in the 1920's; Donovan's work as a key Wall Street lawyer prior to the war; Paul Nitze and James Forrestal's work for Dillon, Read (deeply involved in funding the Third Reich); Nitze's and Forrestal's post-war role as anti-communist crusaders; the role of Sir William Stephenson in developing the OSS (Stephenson was Britain's primary spymaster in the Americas during World War II); Stephenson's alliance with key Morgan associate Edward Stettinius; the role of Ian Fleming (the author of the James Bond novels) in aiding Stephenson's intelligence work in the U.S. (Recorded at Foothill College in 11/22/1997.)

Decline of Putin’s Russia – CaspianReport

Sunday, August 21st, 2016

Not sure of the reliability of this report on Russia / Putin.  Will be watching it.

Skilled Star Trek Political Parody

Friday, October 9th, 2015

While you may not understand Portuguese you will understand the parody value.  Storing here for later use.

Me you and the Government

Thursday, September 10th, 2015


NSA is being used to monitor and eavesdrop on Congress Senate Supreme Court and Organs of the Executive Branch

Friday, August 7th, 2015

Just as I have imagined out loud the NSA is being used at the highest levels of the Ruling Oligarchy to gain leverage over government actors.  This is likely why John Robert's rulings on ObamaCare went the way they did.

Video: NSA Whistleblower William Binney: The Future of FREEDOM

Sunday, June 14th, 2015

  • Joseph Nacchio  – after Nacchio refused NSA requests PRE 9-11 he was targeted for prosecution.
  • Mainway

As you will see the NSA data collection will mean nothing to you unless you ever make any money, run for office or achieve prominance of any time.  At the point where you actually show any signs of getting a piece of the pie your complliance will be required and enforced by the NSA digital dossier kept on you.

Check back tomorrow

Monday, February 2nd, 2015

When the government offers you something free just think of this sign and check back heer for your beer. Tomorrow.

How to Retrieve Mothers Maiden Name for Registration

Monday, June 23rd, 2014

When registering on the Curriculo Lattes / Plataforma Lattes if you want to enter your CPF you must have entered your mothers name so that it matches name used when you registered for CPF.  If it does not match then you will get the following error when you try to enter your CPF:


So if you get this error like I did then you must find out what form of your mothers name you registered with.  Since I did this over 10 years earlier I did not remember.  You see Latin America uses all the names First Middle Maiden Married.  Well I forgot having used this full form.  The solution to this problem is to go here:

You can then enter your CPF and it will come back with a form that has your mothers name already filled out.  Much convenient because I do not want to go stand in line at some government organ.  This is the typical solution in Brazil which I do not find fun in the least.

I managed to get my mothers named fixed and adjust my phone and address.  When I tried to modify the blank CPF field I got the following:


Never mind that I did not try 3 times to change my CPF and that I tried only once.  FYI: In spite of my name not agreeing exactly with my CPF registration it did not flag that error until my mothers name coincided exactly.  Now I have to wait another 3 hours as I left my middle name off of my CNPQ registration. 

Saint Louis County Personal Property Tax Links

Tuesday, February 11th, 2014

When living in Saint Louis, Missouri you pay for the priviledge.  You pay a 1% income tax.  You also pay a personal property tax every year. It is not cheap supporting all this corruption you know!  

I am filing my "return" today.  Not sure why it is called a return as they do not return anything.  They send you a form that lists the property including cars they think you own and ask you to add anything else you might now own.  You have to file by April 1 or they assess you a late fee.  As all I own is a car mine is rather simple.   I am also including a change of address form.  I have already faxed this form to them on 2.10.2014 but just to be sure I am including with my return also.  I hope this is enough to prevent them from sending another bill after this last one arrives early next year in January 2015.

I called in to see if the SSN was absolutely necessary.  The lady advise me that it was not and that they need the SSN only when you are new to the city.

Because of all this it is probably recommended to mail in my license plates. Otherwise these government lifers will probably keep billing me ad infinitum.

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