TriVac D60A Vacuum Pump Documentation

       Video: Function of TRIVAC rotary vane vacuum pump of Leybold Vacuum Research Links Google: Trivac vacuum pump Google: Trivac D60A Google: Trivac D60A rebuild kit Duniway: D60A Major Rebuild Kit – MAJ-10171K PDF – TRIVAC Dual Stage Rotary Vane Pump Manual Ebay: d60a vacuum pump TriVac website / company is now Read more…

By Fudgy McFarlen, ago

Rack Parts Summary

I have a 19 inch rack cabinet and it requires some pieces to be a complete set for usage with servers.  The first thing missing is the left hand rack rail.  I had to fish around to find the correct term by looking at images of  rack parts.      Read more…

By Fudgy McFarlen, ago