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Stamp Money Out of Politics

Sunday, September 22nd, 2013

I came across the following 10 dollar bill.


Which of course is like saying "Stamp peanuts out of peanut butter".

If you do not understand this phrase as applied to politics then you do not understand politics.  Let me give you a little clue: humans evolved living in groups of 50-100 people. By the time politicians are at a national level they can only arbitrate power.  What is power but social currency which of course is what money is.  If you still do not understand then let me put in more simply: You have been socially hacked.

Rube Preacher has hysterical practical joke over on the President and liberalism with Koran Burning for Victory Mosque Move Deal

Friday, September 10th, 2010

The Florida preacher burned the Koran with out burning the Koran.   He had threatened to burn a bunch of Korans which looks looks like a coarse stunt.  Naturally the national media took the bait and ran with it thinking it had a vehicle to prove their preconceit that christians and conservatives by proxy are a bunch of bigots.  It is extremely delicious because even our illustrious community organizer in chief bit on the practical joke !   At the last moment the rube preacher  has come out claiming that he has made a deal with the mosque developer to move the mosque away from the 9-11 location.    With a stroke of genius he has inextricably linked the freedom of expression to build a mosque with the equally important freedom of expression to burn a Koran.   

Please note: It is a classic grifter technique to pretend to be less sophisticated than your mark.

You can not claim one right without the other without looking like a goof, or worse,  a liberal.  All this with the only thing getting burned thus far has been the liberals who think everyone but them is a rube.  

Even to the top they are stymied and flummoxed.  All the liberals including our clueless president came out in favor of the freedom to build a mosque on the WTC property.  Then they came out against the Koran burning.   

Mr. Obama and company has been caught hanging far over the edge for this mosque by this preachers rhetorical flourish.  Now should the building of the mosque proceed it will make Obama look like an islamophile and an anti free speech bigot.

Whether the mosque moving deal was or was not made is not important.   Who is lying about the deal is not important either.   The point about the left's selective tolerance has been made as brilliantly as book burning bonfire.  Checkmate!   In addition with all the violent protests in Islamic nations where American flags were burnt it is hard to see getting excited about burning a few Koran.  That is unless you are a coward.   

The current narrative of the liberals is hilariously incongruent.  On one hand tolerance is demanded to allow a victory mosque to be planted on the lot of the  World Trade Center towers.  They quote this as a freedom of religion issue.   This while Islam is a religion that has more than its fair share of violent followers.  On the other hand burning of the Koran should not proceed.  This from people who say burning the American flag should be protected and is "free expression".  Christianity does not have the violent imperial tone of Islam.  Is Christianity's only mistake that they did not fly a plane into a building to scare the crap out of liberals?  Is that what it takes to get their respect?    Is this battered liberal syndrome?   The idiocy that is liberalism is on parade. 

Sure the guys at the top think that burning the Koran will be bad for business in general.  But the little guys freedom of expression is more important than that.  Liberals used to pretend they understood this.  But then everything they do is pretend to extend their governmental powers.  Why else would Hollywood be so in love with them?

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Video: Visiting Antarctica by Werner Herzog

Tuesday, November 17th, 2009


This is a video done by Werner Herzog who went to McMurdo base in Antarctica.   He details his visit from his strange perspective.  Its  not a heavy documentary.  It is a more realistic portrayal of everyday life at the bottom of the world.   It has the obligatory plumber who is a true believer in global warming because his union says he should be.  Likewise the scientists are quoted as being pessimistic about mankinds survival.  But what do they know that 10 million years of evolution do not?  Very little I suspect!  We survived ice ages and who knows what else.

Video: Andrew Marrs History of Modern Britain 1945 to 2007

Sunday, July 19th, 2009

This is more an economic and political history of Britain than anything else.  The economic and political epochs of Britain are covered with nothing else talked about.  Even cultural events mentioned have strong bearing on economics with an example being a massive party that was the prototype rave.  Raves of this type are pay for entry models and more an economic effort than a party as much as they are talked up to the opposite.

Britain was on the edge of bankruptcy at the end of world war 2.  They owed money to the USA and at the same time they wanted to undertake a huge welfare effort including socialized medicine.  Sound familiar?   Sounds like the USA to me in 2009 under Obama. If you have interest in economics you need to watch all 5 of these shows.  In many ways the USA appears to be squarely on the same path as this has been empire.  

…..And just so you know Britain paid off the last of the loans from this era in the 2000’s. 

From video description: Britain in 1945; the country is victorious but nearly bankrupt. As Clement Attlee’s Labour government sets out to build ‘New Jerusalem’, Britain is forced to hold out the begging bowl in Washington. Though Ealing Studios produces a series of very British comedies and there is a spirit of hope in the air, the British people’s growing impatience with austerity threatens to take the country from bankruptcy to self-destruction.


Viewing Notes

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Links to all the videos

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Episode 1 – Advance Britannia 1945-1955
Episode 2 – The Land of Lost Content 1955-1964
Episode 3 – Paradise Lost 1964-1979
Episode 4 – Revolution! 1979-1990
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Samuel Langhorne Clemens aka Mark Twain

Monday, July 13th, 2009


The first book I ever read was read to me before falling asleep at night by my mother.  It was Huck Finn by Mark Twain.   You can find some of his works online to read at the following locations:


Auxiliary Information


The defaced illustration


First edition

The difference between a conservative and a liberal

Sunday, May 3rd, 2009

Yesterday I was cranky due to a cold / flu that has had me wake up all week with a head ache.   I complained to one of my fellow compound dwellers about him wanting to borrow the compound wall garage door remote since he had managed to break his.  It was kind of one of those "hey you kids get off of my grass" moments.

Let us face it.  We are all walking radioactive waste dumps.  We use our self control to filter our thoughts and present ourselves in a fashion appealing to others.   The difference between conservatives as far as I can tell is that we  have a containment building while liberals do not.  They freely spew their waste about expecting us to eat it and like the flavor.

Every liberal argument ever posited

Thursday, February 12th, 2009

Liberals are just people wandering the planet looking for an argument and hoping they can berate someone enough to extort some sort of payment out of the whole deal. I mean really every argument they put forth is 1000 pages of blah blah blah and on the very last page in the last line you will read the same sentence every time:

                     “thus you must pay”

Do you really want to be this person.  Ahhhh I see.   It may be a polyester leisure suit of an idea…… But it looks good on you !

Man Made Global Warming True believers are the Johos Jehovah Witnesses of the Environmental Movement

Saturday, July 5th, 2008
The mmgw crowd is made up of NJF MSG‘s who are lonely and totally square. How square do you have to be to make a deal out ice melting?   When you are hip to how to spot lies its easy to see MMGW is a transparent lie. And not a very good lie at that.  Its like so bad of a lie it is the picture window transparent style of lie.  Its the goofy type of lies that boyfriends tell girlfriends after they have walked in on them in the bedroom with another girl.  Oh that was not sex….that was me administering a life saving medical procedure. That was the naked Heimlich maneuver.
And you goofs who believe in it…prepare yourselves for great embarassments. For others will soon realize and look at you for the door knocking Jehovah Witnesses environmentalists that you are.  Quaint and backward and somewhat annoying. The only difference being the JoHo’s don’t want to coerce me like you do.   So in reality you are less cool than a JoHo and much more annoying because you don’t even know you are a religion yet. 


Hoping for Ted Kennedys Survival – I want to be able to wear my KILL MORE KENNEDYS tee shirt

Wednesday, May 21st, 2008

If Teddy dies I’m going to have to trash my KILL MORE KENNEDY’s tee shirt.  But on the other hand this guy has been a detriment to alot of working class people.  I guess wishing for the messengers death is not constructive but this particular messenger drown a girl in his car and got away with it because of his family’s political might.  mary-jo-kopechne.jpg You lay down with dogs you get drown with the flees when they drive their car of a bridge in a drunken stupor. martha-moxley.jpg Martha Moxley – killed after a Kennedy clan member misses a putt. Hey Teddy….if you choose euthanasia you can get your cousin to use a golf club on you.  You know those Kennedy’s…they have a way with woman!  Oh that’s right your cousin is in prison so he won’t be Skakel’ing any of the back nine or your head any time soon.  Or well knowing the Kennedy’s he’s probably in a prison with a golf course.     communism-kills.bmp  Might as well be Teddy’s face on this.  There is no practical difference in philosophy between an unDemocrat and Socialism/Communism.  You will not get a fair break of any of them.  There is going to be alot of celebrating when this son of a bitch dies.  They should put a wind farm on your grave Teddy.