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Arizona CPS Child Protective Services provide a view of your State Run Medical Care Future

Friday, September 3rd, 2010

Please note:

  • The following story may have had some minor details altered to make the parties involved unidentifiable to state authorities.
  • The following is the best representation of the story I could put together without asking many questions.  The most important take away points about state health authorities and the extortion they perpetrated are clear and unequivocal.

I went to visit a couple that I met a few years ago.  I had not seen them in the past 6 years and they had 3 children now.  The first birth was a set of fraternal twins.   These twins were born premature at 25 weeks with their birth weight equal to 1.5 lbs.  As a consequence they were kept in the neonatal intensive care ward.  As this couple was on hard times due to the recession this all occurred in the county hospital that is state and / or federally funded.  Fast forward 1 year after their birth and the girl twin is having trouble breathing so they take her to the hospital. An X ray is done and the student doctor says "no problems" you can take her home.  Then as her breathing difficulties get worse they realize they must go back to the hospital.  This time when the attending witch doctor looks at the X ray they detect that one of the girl's rib has been broken and heeled.  The break was on her back towards the spine.  Many times this is associated with a baby that has been shaken.   Thus a report was filed by the hospital with CPS.  

Forward again to a day when a brand new employee of CPS who had just graduated with a degree in "social justice" shows up at this couples door.  She comes in and basically says  "give me your children"  and "If you do not cooperate and give me your children and this goes before a judge I can not guarantee your children will be placed with a friend or relative"  And thus my friends were coerced / extorted into giving up their 1 year old twins for a 3 month period with no legal action by a judge or court of law.   Finally when the 3 months were up there was an "exit interview" where the guy doing the interview pretends to be sympathetic and acts as if the original child seizing bureaucrat made a mistake.   Turns out that premature kids also have premature bones that break easily.  Gee who would have thought?!  A large percentage of children born prematurely have this problem.   Also before they could get their children the county hospital said "your son looks thin and he needs an abdominal feeding tube and if you refuse it will be a sign you don't care about him and that you are bad parents and we won't let you have him" .   Of course a feeding tube sticking through the kids abdominal wall is a HUGE infection risk and never mind the parents had watched his weight and just appears to have a small tummy such that he just gets full quickly when he eats.

You may ask what would lead the medical community to such malfeasance?  Well it is the state run social welfare / medical profit motive.  The CPS gets federal funds for the cases it handles so you can bet that there is some case load they will handle come hell or high water no matter if 1 or 1 million kids are suspect victims of abuse.  In the case of the county hospital the feeding tube is an easy surgery that they can do very quickly and charge the relevant government a large amount.

So when you find out what Obama care really means when some sort of this deep idiocy hits you in the face do not be surprised.  You were warned.  

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Saturday, May 8th, 2010

In the economy of ideas we are headed down a path where we attempt to control the collective mind of humanity.   I can not condone this.  The video Rip – remix manifesto makes this point very well.

…..that said ….the documentary Rip – remix manifesto misses the point in the end using somewhat worn out dated leftist tropes.  They posited that Brazil has a political equivalent of "remix".  I spend alot of time in Brazil I can squarely tell you their form of government is nothing but the politics of the self centered corrupt left.  There is nothing forward looking about it. The joke in Brazil goes is that the corrupt politician steals 90% of project budget wonders how the USA does so well.  The punch line is when the American politician tells him he only steals 10 percent.

Video: Regions Sociology Cultural Anthropology Politics of China

Monday, September 21st, 2009

Part 1


Part 2


Part 3


Part 4

Video: The Prize – The Epic Quest for Oil Money and Power

Monday, August 31st, 2009

‚ÄčPart 1

 In the style of the acclaimed CIVIL WAR series, THE PRIZE tells the epic history of oil – how it has dominated global politics, shaken the world economy, and transformed our century. Shot on location in Azerbaijan, Egypt, England, Indonesia, Japan, Kuwait, Mexico, Russia, Scotland, Turkey, and the United States, the series features fascinating characters, never-before-seen archival footage, newly filmed segments, and interviews with the people who shaped the oil industry. Yergin appears on camera throughout the series to discuss oil's impact on politics, economics, and the environment. We see how oil becomes the largest industry in the world–a game of huge risks and monumental rewards. Narrated by Donald Sutherland, THE PRIZE represents cinematic storytelling at its best – a historically significant tale of a quest for mastery that has revolutionized our civilization." PART ONE: Our Plan "Trace the turbulent, rapid rise of the world's biggest business, how a visionary but ruthless John D. Rockefeller controlled it–and how reporter Ida Tarbell took him on in one of the most famous muckraking exposes ever. A fascinating look at Rockefeller's controversial legacy, the rise of modern business, and how Tarbell served as the role model for the modern investigative journalist

Part 2

The Prize Episode Two: Empires of Oil "Witness capitalism on a grand scale: how Shell Oil and Royal Dutch merged, then challenged the supremacy of Rockefeller's Standard Oil. A compelling tale of how oil transformed everyday life in the farthest corners of the globe, made Russia a great oil power, and helped the Allies win World War I

 Part 3

The Prize Episode Three: The Black Giant "It's the Roaring Twenties, and the magic of oil touches everyone, from millions of new car owners to hopeful Texan wildcatters. The American oil industry wrestles with shortage and surplus, as flamboyant entrepreneur Calouste Gulbenkian stakes his claim in Iraq

Part 4

The Prize Episode Four: War and Oil "The untold story of World War II unfolds: how oil dictated strategy to Hitler; how lack of oil slowed Japan's war machine; how oil ultimately determined victory or defeat. Features rare footage on the critical impact of oil on decisive military events

Part 5

The Prize Episode Five: Crude Diplomacy "Post World War II America awakens to the strategic importance of oil and witnesses a key moment in history when oil production shifts from the US to the Middle East. An extraordinary cast of characters, including Arabian kings, US presidents, British adventurers, Iranian politicians, and American explorers paint a global portrait of how oil shaped the world economy and politics

Part 6

The Prize Episode Six: Power to the Producers "It's the heyday of cheap oil, the dawn of the Hydrocarbon Society…and the introduction of a prosperous new automobile culture for Americans. Follow the flamboyant characters, plots, and counterplots, as the producing countries and the independent oil companies challenge the "Seven Sisters"–and open a new era in world oil

Part 7

 The Prize Episode Seven: The Tinderbox "Relive two decades of upheaval that shook the world as power shifted, and nations and companies jockeyed for position–amidst embargoes, shortages, and surpluses. A unique view of the rise of the OPEC era, beginning with the British withdrawal from the Persian Gulf and ending with the burning oil wells of Kuwait

Part 8

The Prize Episode Eight: The New Order of Oil "The Gulf War marked the beginning of a new era for the Hydrocarbon Society. This program explores the relationship between oil and the environmental c wlitith onscience, and the technological race to balance energy, economic, and ecological needs in the Information Age. WARNING:  This episode is not good because it focuses in on the ecological criticisms.  If you watch it note how GreenPeace member positions himself in front of an oil platform and criticizes.  He tried to make himself look big by doing so but ends up paling in comparison with the work of titans in the form of an oil derrick.  Very little content is useful because we all know cities have smog due to many cars being driven.  What the environmentalists fail to do is solve any problems as they are in effect professional complainers with little to no skill in engineering or science,

Video: Andrew Marrs History of Modern Britain 1945 to 2007

Sunday, July 19th, 2009

This is more an economic and political history of Britain than anything else.  The economic and political epochs of Britain are covered with nothing else talked about.  Even cultural events mentioned have strong bearing on economics with an example being a massive party that was the prototype rave.  Raves of this type are pay for entry models and more an economic effort than a party as much as they are talked up to the opposite.

Britain was on the edge of bankruptcy at the end of world war 2.  They owed money to the USA and at the same time they wanted to undertake a huge welfare effort including socialized medicine.  Sound familiar?   Sounds like the USA to me in 2009 under Obama. If you have interest in economics you need to watch all 5 of these shows.  In many ways the USA appears to be squarely on the same path as this has been empire.  

…..And just so you know Britain paid off the last of the loans from this era in the 2000’s. 

From video description: Britain in 1945; the country is victorious but nearly bankrupt. As Clement Attlee’s Labour government sets out to build ‘New Jerusalem’, Britain is forced to hold out the begging bowl in Washington. Though Ealing Studios produces a series of very British comedies and there is a spirit of hope in the air, the British people’s growing impatience with austerity threatens to take the country from bankruptcy to self-destruction.


Viewing Notes

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Links to all the videos

Andrew Marr’s History of Modern Britain
Episode 1 – Advance Britannia 1945-1955
Episode 2 – The Land of Lost Content 1955-1964
Episode 3 – Paradise Lost 1964-1979
Episode 4 – Revolution! 1979-1990
Episode 5 – New Britannia 1990-2007


New Age Authoritarianism

Thursday, August 21st, 2008

Global warming is a farce, con and fraud. 

In spite of this current events show how badly we need the physicists to crack the energy code of the universe.  There are 3 big reasons to get off of oil. Here they are:

  • Big city air is not so good and people will rest better, be more happy and productive if it is cleaned up
  • The trade deficit is killing the dollar
  • The way most governments react to oil money is to become isolated from the people.

I want to expound on point number 3.  If you read the money go round arty here you will understand how governments use oil / energy to control people.  As with all things government apparatchiks find a way to control the masses given enough time.  We need the rate of technology increases of the integrated circuit to occur in the energy industry. 

When apparatiks can not figure out new schemes fast enough to keep up with energy technology they will no longer be able to control the situation!

A rather comical situation has developed with tin foil hat liberals.  They hate oil in a most irrational fashion.  Yet they love taxes.  Yet oil is an integral tax choke point on the money go round.  Thus they are indirectly hating taxes.

TakeAway:  We need an energy source that is difficult for governments to tax.  We can shut down alot of unDemocratic behavior with this.

The role of the super-wealthy in climate change was not properly recognised

Wednesday, July 30th, 2008

We should all wear sack cloth and smear ourselves with ashes.  We should all pray at the alter of global warming whilst Al Gore looks on saying humeda humeda humeda humeda humeda humeda humeda humeda humeda humeda humeda humeda ooooooohm.  When done we can trapse out the cat-o-nine tails and self flagellate.

I just love global warming sex play!

That’s the global warming alarmist crew’s point of view.

My point of view?  If I had nothing more creative to do than to pack up my lambo on a jet I’d probably put a bullet in my brain.  Much as I think no one should be coerced to do something for others I am totally open to voluntary behaviors.  Me?  I think I could find something more creative.

Caixa Dois and the Money Go Round!

Thursday, May 22nd, 2008

Brazilian businesses typically carry 2 sets of books.  This system is called CAIXA DOIS and is literally TWO BOXES.  I think they are referring to having 2 cash boxes. ( registers ) One box for the tax man and then there are the real books.  The government here does not put you in prison if they catch you. They just make you pay the back taxes.  They figure that’s bad enough.  And I bet it is after they end up levying all the extra charges.  Thus it is pretty common to avoid taxes since they penalize the shit out of you for being productive here if you are stupid enough to admit it. money-go-round.jpg Money travels in circuits just like electrons in an electronic circuit.  This is the MONEY GO ROUND After having been here a while I believe the above choke pointed torus money go round model applies to their taxation system.  The government does not want to get into micromanaging and all the associated work. What do they do?  It is so much easier to just tax the choke points where people have so few options that they can not avoid paying the taxes.  Energy? … what are you doing to do drill your own oil well? Thus by having the state oil company be a monopoly they can get a close eye on the books and get a large cut of the take.  Gas generally costs 2X what it costs in the USA.  Everyone drives a small car as a result.  I think electricity is probably the same although I have not yet paid an electric bill  here to know.  I’ll look at one and see what I can find out. Telecommunications?  Same story. A cell phone call here costs on the order of 30 US Cents per minute!  You need not wonder why Carlos Slim is one of the worlds most richest men.  His American Movil bought into a Brazilian choke point concession! carlos-is-not-so-slim.jpg Carlos is not so very slim after all. I love conspiracy.  But since its out in the open with big and dumb government no one dare call it conspiracy!  No one cared.  They just call it practicality. And now its very easy to see why the unDemocrats in the USA love the idea of global warming.  It allows for more of a strangle hold on energy supply.  They will use any and every method. With the internet reshaping everything in a more libertarian style they will be forced to do it.     


My Sadness for Cuba

Tuesday, May 6th, 2008

The following is an exerpt from an article regarding Cubans finally being legally allowed to own a computer Desktop computers are now available in Cuba and BBC News reports that a crowd formed at the Carlos III shopping center in Havana when the first PC shipments arrived. Despite the large crowds most were there only to look on as others bought. Most people were only there to watch others buy computers!  Its very sad when people are so oppressed that they are not legally allowed to buy a computer.  One can only begin to imagine what else has gone on in Cuba.  Its incredible what the power hungry will do to others in the name of their ego.   And we have people in the USA who try to push Che Guevara as some sort of hero.  We need to parachute these people in to live in Cuba.  Its shows an absolute vacuum into which no common sense whatsoever has crept.