Other Airlines

Research Links La Compagnie – single aircraft / single flight one way per day from Newark to Charles De Gaule airport – business class seat size only – 1400 one way? Copa Airlines

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Emergency Pit Stops

Emergency Stop: Budget Inn Exit 113 in Conway Missouri – Have land lot next door they will let you leave equipment

Research Links Budget Inn – Conway Missouri: 417-589-2503  Map:I-44 – Exit #113   – They own the large lot next to the motel where they will let you drop large equipment for a while if you are in trouble.  Very large. Semi tractor trailer would easily fit. Google: Rocking Chair Restaurant:  Right Read more…

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Sabino Canyon

Imagine living 400 years ago and this is the only thing you ever saw.  It had a profound effect on me and I only lived here for a short while and knew of other places. HDR Video

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