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Student Health Insurance for Brazil required for visa

Monday, January 13th, 2014



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Visa Process for CTI Program

Sunday, January 12th, 2014

Inquiry Result: Jose Luis Ramirez Bohorque

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Vitem-I Description:  Brazil

Temporary Visa I ( VITEM-I ):

Scientists, professors, researchers, participants in cultural, technological or scientific missions (services provided must not be paid for by a corporation or other legal entity based in Brazil, except for wages for services rendered, with the submission of a receipt);
Scientists, technicians, researchers or volunteers under the umbrella of an international cooperation program;
Exchange students (Rotary, AIESEC, AFS etc);
Technicians receiving training in the operation and maintenance of machinery or equipment produced in Brazil;
Amateur athletes, under 21 year old, participating in training programs in Brazil;
Provision of services to a religious or social assistance entity, without employment relationship with a corporation or other legal entity based in Brazil.
Scientists, professors, researchers or any other professionals taking part in seminars or conferences, being paid by a Brazilian institution. In this case, you must present the invitation letter attesting you are going to be financially rewarded for your participation (if you are an unpaid speaker, please check Vitur).
Temporary Visa I holders are not allowed to engage in any paid activity in Brazil.    


  • The last sentence in the description is confusing as the CTI program does pay.



Student Visa Process For Federal University In Brazil

Sunday, January 12th, 2014

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Visa Type Research

  • Visa Type question sent to: UFSC:Fernando Rangel – Question: -1- Is the correct visa == VITEM-IV  -2- Do I need to send confirmation of intention to attend? > Referred me to Fabian from Columbia
  • Visa Type question sent to: Fabian Leonardo Cabrera Riaño – Question: -1- What type of visa is required to attend UFSC? Answer: Eu tenho visto do mercosul, mas vc precisa o visto item IV (estudante)
  • Visa Type question sent to: – Question:  -1- Chicago Brazil Consulate help email – Is the correct visa == VITEM-IV 


    • I have been accepted to Universidade Federal Santa Catarina ( UFSC ) to study in the electrical engineering masters degree program.  I want to verify that the correct visa require is: Temporary Visa IV ( VITEM-IV ):
    •  Answer: YES.
  • ​Visa Type question sent to: – Question: Can I apply for a visa in person and have it returned by USPS EMS mail? Answer:  When applying in person the processing time is 3 business days + Postage time, you may check it with the US Postal Service.


Visa Function Research

  • Visa Function: Renewal and length of time valid?


Police Clearance

Notes from – Todd in LA

  • QUESTION: Health insurance valid in Brazil:  Is it required ?  One page had "only in boston" ….another just said you need it.  ANSWER: Proof of health insurance is not needed for a Brazil student visa through the Los Angeles Brazil Consulate – Student Visa.  Travisa.Chicago said same thing for Chicago consulate even though the site says it is required.
  • QUESTION: I want to use my bills as my drivers license never got switch over……see any problem with that? ANSWER: If you have a utility bill with your name and current address, that would be perfect.
  • QUESTION: Airline tickets: I am going to do a masters degree. Takes 2 years.  I do not want to book a return flight.  Was told I could possibly just use a printout with my name and flight numbers from a site that did not require me to pay first.  OK?? ANSWER: At any rate, yes, you can use a flight itinerary that is not marked paid in support of your visa application, and you will not need to take that actual flight.
  • QUESTION: At the bottom of the protocolo form there are two spaces that are not detailed in the demo version the consulate provides for illustrating how to fill the form out.  What should I put there?  ANSWER:  Those two lines are for your name and telephone number. That part of the form pretty much confuses everybody.  See graphic below.
  • QUESTION: What parts of the application material does the Brazilian consulate keep?  ANSWER: Brazil consulate keeps everything, except for your passport and police clearance letter, which you'll receive back.

Brazil Health Insurance issue – The LA consulate does not require proof of insurance at this time according to Todd – MyBrazilVisa – However I had this conversation with the Brazil Chicago Consulate regarding this.

  • ME: Is health insurance mandatory?  Some of the visa services have said no….but your webpage says yes.
  • Brazil Chicago Consulate:  it is a requirement and not mandatory for visa application.
  • ME: I am sorry but I did not understand what you said.
  • Brazil Chicago Consulate: It is a requirement and not mandatory for visa application.
  • Does this mean I do not need to include proof of health insurance?  Only to have it while I am in Brazil ?
  • Brazil Chicago Consulate:  If you're applying for a student visa you MUST present your health Insurance.

When I applied in person for my Brazil student visa I asked the Lady at the window if they answer emailed questions in the afternoon.  She said yes.  There were 2 windows & ladies working them. I believe possibly that 2 different people were answering emails or that they were not clear to begin with on the health insurance issue.  I went with proof of insurance as it would have been a gamble without.

My Visa CheckLists – Temporary Visa IV (VITEM IV) For individuals pursuing graduate or post-graduate academic studies in Brazil


Completed Visa CheckList Items

1) Passport Original (no copies), signed by the applicant, with a minimum remaining validity of six months and with at least two contiguous blank pages left.

2) a – DELIVERY RECEIPT ("Protocolo") printed upon completion of online visa request form – Complete the ONLINE VISA REQUEST FORM online.  

   b – Sign your name, print your name and enter your phone number at the bottom of the protocolo form.  The DELIVERY RECEIPT (“Protocolo”) by visiting the same web site and clicking “PRINT VISA FORM DELIVERY RECEIPT” on bottom left-hand side of screen. When click this link the entire form comes up.

3) One photograph – Passport size, in color or black and white, full-face only, on a white or clear background. 

                    Instant, digital, scanned or photocopied photos are not acceptable.

                    Please attach the photo on the first square of the Delivery Receipt (“Protocolo”)

4) Round-trip-ticket – Applicants must present one of the following items:

      *A copy of the round-trip-ticket, e-ticket or e-booking.

      *A signed letter from the airline or travel agent, on their letterhead, with the itinerary, name(s) of the passenger(s), flight number or cruise information, and dates of arrival and departure from Brazil.  I went with this option.  Dagmar at Brentwood travel helped me.  I will be booking my flight through her to pay back!  Phone: 314.439.5700 – 800.527.1059

5) Proof of residence in consular jurisdiction

      *A photocopy of a valid driver's license or utility bill will be accepted as proof of residence. – I am using various bills because I kept my Arizona drivers license.

6) Copy of Birth Certificate with parent's names

7) Consular Fees  –  Click here to see the visa fee table  +  Prestamped EMS envelope for document return. – Must be a USPS Postal Money Order – 160 USD if applied for in person

8) NOT APPLICABLE TO ME: International Certificate of Vaccination  —  Applicants who have visited certain countries and territories (view list here) within 90 days prior to applying for a visa/entering Brazil are required to present a Yellow Fever International Certificate of Vaccination upon entering Brazil.

9) Non-criminal record  issued by the Police Department of the applicant’s place of residence. 

    The document must have an official signature as well as a stamped or haut-relief seal of the Police Department. Printouts of computer-generated criminal records are not accepted.

11) Letter of acceptance from the Brazilian academic institution certified by the Brazilian Ministry of Education. The letter must be original and on the academic institution’s letterhead. 

10) For students who do not have a scholarship, proof of health insurance policy that is valid for the Brazilian territory. Bought at:

12) For students who do not have a scholarship, proof of financial means of support, showing that the applicant is capable of maintaining his/herself while in Brazil – I used Bank Statement


Items Pending

  • EMPTY: This list used to be full.  

Visa Submission Process

  • DROP-OFF TIMES – IN PERSON:  From 9:00am to 11:00am, Monday through Friday, first-come, first-served basis. No appointments necessary.
  • VISA SERVICES – AGENCY:  Visa services and travel agencies have different hours, between 9:00 am and 10:30 am only.
  • PICK-UP TIMES – From 12:00pm to 1:00pm ONLY.

To pick up the VISA it is MANDATORY that the Receipt slip be presented.  A third party, with a valid photo ID, may collect the VISA as long as the original Receipt slip or a notarized letter from the applicant is presented.

Consulado-Geral do Brasil em Chicago
401 North Michigan Avenue, suite 1850
Chicago, IL 60611

Phone: 1-312-464.0244
Fax: 1-312-464.0299

QUESTION:Chicago Consulate: If I drop off my visa application "in person"  can I have it returned with USPS EMS mail ?   If so will it still be 3 day service?  ANSWER: Yes. – Flies out of STL in single engine propeller aircraft. 180 USD round trip to Chicago
Visa Submission
  • Drove to Chicago 1.17.2014 Started Driving at 12:30 am. Arrived 7 am.  The building staff in the lobby will not let you enter till approximately 10 minutes before the Consulate opens doors.  That is about 8:50am on 1.17.2014
  • You go to a functionary who is behind a window. They have 2 visa windows there.
  • Functionary(she) looks at your application material.  I had utility bills to prove residence.  She handed most of that material back.
  • She kept my itinerary but gave me back the cover letter from Brentwood travel that had signature. 
  • She also gave me back the extra 20 USD postal money order that I took just in case I needed to pay fee for return by mail.  She did say it would be returned by mail using my self addressed stamped EMS envelope.  She gave me the costomer copy of the mailing label.
  • She folded the ems envelope and kept it.  I assume folded it because it needed to fit in pouch with other application materials.
  • She kept the proof of health insurance coverage in Brazil
  • She returned the spare photo that I took. The one on the protocolo was retained as she retained the protocolo form.
  • She did NOT give me a receipt. This worries me a little. However if mailed in the item the applicant would not receive a receipt.  Hoping not an issue.
  • The adhesive cover strip on my EMS envelope came off as I was futzing with the materials.  I put it back on.  Hoping it seals well enough that I do not lose my passport / visa in the mail.  
  • Passport / Visa arrived 1.23.14 in the mail via EMS.  Envelope was sealed well.  Go for launch.


Notes on Brazil student visa usage

  • My student visa came back with an RN number thus:  RN 101/2013.  The only thing I could find on this so far is on the Boston Brazil consulate site here.
  • You must register with the Federal Police with 30 days of arriving.


QUESTION TO CHICAGO CONSULATE: I applied for 2 programs:

-1- UFSC – I was accepted on Jan 8 and applied for visa and received.


-2- CTI Renato Archer: CI Brazil program – I applied but they only notified on February 7.



I used the acceptance letter from UFSC to apply for the visa.  I have too little time to apply again for a visa. Thus I ask: Can I use the student visa that I used UFSC acceptance letter to attend the CTI Renato Archer program???  Or must I apply again if I want to attend CTI Renato Archer?


ANSWER: Of course you need a new visa. The institution you are attending is different from UFSC.  A student visa is based on the acceptance letter you bring to the Consulate . So much so, that the name of the institution is printed on your visa.


Student Visa In Country Renewal



Websites for Getting Good Deals on Flights to Brazil

Monday, December 23rd, 2013


Student Document Legalization for Brazil

Sunday, November 24th, 2013

Return to Mother Page: Studying IC Design in Brazil

Summary of Experimental Results

There is no need to use a visa service to get school documents legalized by the Brazilian consulates.  Merely attach a separate 5 US dollar Postal money order with your and their address filled in on the money order.  Send with a self addressed stamped envelope for return shipping.


Detailed Results:  ASU Diploma & Transcript sent to LA Brazil Consulate via MyBrasilVisa

  1. Shipped ASU: Diploma & Transcript 12-11-13 to MyBrazilVisa for legalization at the LA Brazilian consulate: I am using to work the legalization of my first 2 documents as it gives more flexibility on an first run of an unfamiliar process.
  2. MyBrazilVisa Return address form
  3. Tracking of Express Envelope to MyBrazilVisa
  4. Shipped ASU Diploma & ASU transcript – 1 page

Each page required a 5 USD postal money order to pay for the 5 dollar stamp from the Brazil consulate in Los Angelos.


Detailed Results: University of Cincinnati Diploma & Transcript + Birth Certificate sent to Washington DC Consulate DIRECTLY

I attempted to get find a visa service in Washington DC that would respond promptly and with information I found accurate given my immediately previous experience with Todd and the LA consulate. I never did manage to find one. Thus I dealt directly by sending my documents directly to the Brazil consulate in Washington DC. Included were:

  1.  U.C. Diploma – with 5 USD Postal money order paper clipped to the diploma
  2.  U.C. Transcript – 3 separate pages – 5 USD postal money order clipped to each page individually – thus total of 3 5 USD postal money orders
  3.  Birth Certificate – with 20 USD postal money order clipped to the document. It has a raised seal.

No notarizations were require for any of the documents because public documents already have a sort of notarization.   


  • Turn around time was blazing fast. Shipped out the document package on Thursday: 12.26.2013 and received the return shipment on Saturday: 12.28.2013. I mistakenly did not start tracking till Tuesday: 12.31.2013 evening.  See the summary of tracking both ways at the bottom of the page.  The paperwork arrived at the Brazilian Washington DC consulate at 12 noon on Friday and went back out again later that same afternoon.
  • All pages came back with the desired stamps. Each individual transcript page had it's own stamp. The transcript pages were not stapled together.



  • In order for legal documents to be accepted in Brazil they must be submitted to the Brazilian consulate that covers the geographical area where the document was issued.  In particular transcripts and diplomas must be "legalized"
  • Reference: LA consulate document legalization page.  The translation of a legalized document, whenever necessary, must be done in Brazil by a sworn translator.  
  • Reference: San Francisco Consulate: Document Legalization FAQs  04. Can I send the documents to be legalized right after they are issued?
    It depends. Most documents, such as contracts, must be first notarized by a Notary Public before being presented to the Consulate for legalization. Documents that bear the signatures of authorities such as: Secretary of State, Judge of Superior Court, School Official, Public Official of the Department of Health or Agriculture, Police Officer DO NOT NEED to be notarized before being presented for legalization……….I believe this applies to birth certificate and school documents.  Thus no notarization required.   
  • Reference: Chicago Consulate: Legalization of other documents    Official documents, such as:  Those issued by county offices; Those issued by the state (Secretary of State, Judge of the Superior Court, City Hall, etc.);  Certificates of birth, marriage and death, and divorce sentence.  Certified copies are accepted, provided that they are signed and bear an official rubber stamp or haut-relief stamp……..Note the specific reference to birth certificate.
  • Email Response 12-10-2013: Chicago Consulate: School documents don't have to be notarized. Just follow the instructions in our page about legalizing school documents.



  1. no notarization required on school documents
  2. no address required on diploma – inquired via email to confirm this point as their instructions specify school documents must have an address. I never assume anything with this arbitrary government crap.




Birth Certificate

From Legalization of documents – Documents in General

Fee = 20 USD 

a) issued by municipal agencies or County ("county").
b) State ("Secretary of State, Judge of the Superior Court, City Hall, etc.").
c) Certificates of Birth, Marriage, Divorce or Sentences of Death.

Accepted originals or certified copies, provided they are signed and stamped or having affixed the seal-dry the body.

Certificate of criminal records ("Police Record Checks" or "good conduct certificates Police" or "Non-criminal record") : issued within the last 90 days by the local police of the place of residence of the person concerned, on letterhead with signature and stamp of responsible or seal-dry the police agency authority.  
No notarization by Notary Public ("Notary Public") is required.


Top 20 Mistakes made when legalizing documents – If your request shows one of these, your document will not be legalized.  I winnowed out the points that did not apply to school documents or birth certificate.

  1. The money order was not issued by the U.S.P.S. or is not made out for the correct amount.
  2. The money order does not show your name and your address.
  3.  The document to be legalized is not the original document.
  4.  One or more documents were issued out this Consulate’s jurisdiction.
  5. School document does not show the school’s raised seal and/or signature of a school authority.
  6. School paper does not show school name and the school’s office full address.
  7. Seal or signature of Secretary of State or Court official is not original.
  8. Application by mail without prepaid postage and envelope for return.
  9. The provided envelope and postage for return are not from the U.S. Postal Service.
  10. Envelope for return does not carry sufficient postage.


Shipping to the Brazil: Washington DC Consulate

Tracking Number: EM995587067US



  • Scheduled Delivery Date: December 27, 2013, 12:00 pm
  • Signed for By: I NASCUENTO  //  WASHINGTON,  DC  20005 //  10:59 am


Product & Tracking Information

Postal Product: Priority Mail Express 1-Day


Date & Time
Status of Item

December 27, 2013 , 10:59 am



December 27, 2013 , 10:05 am

Arrival at Post Office


December 27, 2013 , 7:53 am

Processed through USPS Sort Facility


December 26, 2013

Depart USPS Sort Facility


December 26, 2013 , 7:06 pm

Processed at USPS Origin Sort Facility


December 26, 2013 , 5:34 pm

Dispatched to Sort Facility


December 26, 2013 , 3:40 pm





Return shipping of legalized documents to me

Tracking Number: EM995587040US



  • Signed for By: WAIVED  //  SAINT LOUIS,  MO  63104 //  11:17 am



Product & Tracking Information

Postal Product: EMS 1 day


Date & Time
Status of Item

December 28, 2013 , 11:17 am



December 28, 2013 , 10:43 am

Out for Delivery


December 28, 2013 , 10:33 am

Sorting Complete


December 28, 2013 , 9:05 am

Arrival at Post Office


December 28, 2013

Depart USPS Sort Facility


December 28, 2013 , 6:36 am

Processed through USPS Sort Facility


December 27, 2013

Depart USPS Sort Facility


December 27, 2013 , 8:10 pm

Processed through USPS Sort Facility

LINTHICUM HEIGHTS, MD 21090                 











HackerSpaces around the World and in Particular Brazil

Tuesday, November 5th, 2013

Research Links


Brazilian HackSpaces

Video: O dia que durou 21 anos – The day that lasted 21 years – The story of the Brazilian Military Take Over

Monday, April 1st, 2013

Luizoms Tree House

Monday, May 16th, 2011

Luizom's house is 700m from the road by the trail.


Brazil Tree Houses Neighbors

Monday, May 16th, 2011

Meet the Vizinhos

Bamboo Net

Monday, May 16th, 2011

While setting up an above board net connection we are using a Ubiquiti NanoStation M2 to rob signal. ( roubando sinal ).  Its doing ok given that the router its hooking into is probably 4 km away.  The pole used is a green bamboo.