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Emergency Stop: Budget Inn Exit 113 in Conway Missouri – Have land lot next door they will let you leave equipment

Monday, November 7th, 2016

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When my van which was pulling a heavy Uhaul trailer popped a "Service Engine Soon" code I was lucky enough to be just short of Conway Missouri on I-44.  I exited on exit #113 and decided to stay the night in the Budget Inn there. The van was running more or less with just a stutter / jerk every so often.  Still I wanted to read the code and find out if it was going to die in a relatively short period of time.  As luck would have it the couple who run the Budget Inn are a kind lot and had pitty on me.  Ben drove me 17 miles to the Lebanon Missouri Autozone where I bought a code reader.  When we got back to the motel I read the code and it said "Right side cam shaft position sensor fault".  A call to my favorite mechanic yielded the result that I could limp home without service albeit slowly.  I opted to stay the night and see if I could get the part the next morning and either put it on myself or find a mechanic.  I was a bit frazzled from all the driving so a mechanic was the better option but who would I find open on a Saturday?  When I woke up Saturday morning I drove slowly to the Autozone and bought the sensor.  At that point I asked them if they knew any mechanics open on Saturday.  They said Sawyer Tire was one of the only places open. I called and Savannah was very helpful promising to get me in.  I went there directly and the mechanic figured out that there was only 1 cam shaft position sensor and it was on the left side.  It was easily accessible and was swapped in under 15 minutes.

So if I am ever passing by again with car issues I am noting this so that I can hole up there and get my car fixed.  A bonus was that the internet in the room functioned well.  That made researching what to do online much easier.

Duralast SU266: Cam shaft position sensor


Additional Information

  • Marshfield Towing: 417-859-6385  – did not need to use
  • Auto Repair & Services:  19950 Highway W, Lebanon Mo 65536 – did not use.  


Emergency Stop: Honest Reliable Automobile Repair in Washington DC

Tuesday, October 4th, 2016

Went to Washington DC.  While there the serpentine belt broke on the magic bus.  Cherrydales Motors helped me out same day so I did not have to stay overnight which would incur the high Washington DC hotel rates.

Cherrydale Motors
3412 Lee Highway
Arlington, Virginia  22207

Phone= 703-527-5511


To anyone that finds this I recommend highly.  Honest treatment when you are in less than optimum circumstances for shopping around for service is a good thing to find.