How the CIA / Deep State took control of our government.  I am sure it starts before Eisenhower but this is the time aperture I have figured out.

  • Eisenhower – the flight of Gary Powers was sabotaged by our side to prevent negotiations between Nikita Khrushchev
  • Kennedy – Killed because he was not going to take us into Vietnam, threatened the oil depletion allowance, printed 5 billion in United States Notes. Our government was involved.  It was a public execution left as an object lesson for later presidents.
  • Johnson knew about and had his henchmen help assassinate Kennedy.  He and J. Edgar Hoover stymied the investigation.  LBJ was tossed overboard when Vietnam became unpopular.  It also appears he may have succumbed to "MacBeth Syndrome".
  • Nixon – Was at the Hunt compound the night before the Kennedy assassination.  He knew Kennedy was killed by the Deep State.  Watergate burglary is rumored to have been Nixon trying to get proof of Kennedy assassination. Obviously he had to be taken out.  I always thought Watergate was ridiculous given how LBJ obviously was involved in JFK's killing but he got reelected. We as a people need to do better than this.
  • Ford –  Nixon  attempted to placate the Deep State by appointed Ford as vice president.  Ford was on the Warren Commission.  He helped cover up the truth about the JFK assassination and sell the ridiculous results of the Warren Report.  This was Nixon's message the JFK secret was safe with him.  But the JFK thing was just too serious for the Deep State to play.  They killed witnesses and participants after the fact.  Think they were going to let Nixon stay in office? 
  • Carter –  "Lee Harvey" and "Osvaldo" try to assassinate.  Carter understands and sees the parallels. Backs down.  He runs against an attractive populist and loses naturally.  The dogs sometimes balk at eating the Deep State's rather foul dog food.
  • Reagan – Yet another evil vice president wants to be president.   Deep State tries to install  "Ex" CIA member George Bush as president by killing Reagan.  It does not work but Reagan is never the same afterwards.  It tends to put you on your heels when you get shot.  Bush Sr is rumored to be de facto president the rest of Reagan's term.
  • Bush – CIA member elected president – no contention there.  He is one of them.
  • Clinton – CIA member – Well funded by Mena Arkansas drug running operation of the CIA.  Suitcases full of cash delivered regularly to Clinton.  No contention there. He is one of them.
  • Bush Jr. – CIA member – See father.  911 false flag and Irag fight to protect the PetroDollar. No contention there. He is one of them.  However Iraq becomes very unpopular and the people belatedly shut it down more or less.  CIA continues later with CIA mercenary crowd called ISIS.
  • Obama – CIA member.  Mother consorts with Frank Marshall Davis known CIA.  CIA pays too well for someone as lazy as a politician to say no to easy cash.
  • Trump – Likely not CIA given the amount of noise, pushback and dirty tricks on the part of the Deep State.  It makes me wonder what these evil people will do to thwart democracy this time.
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