Video: Introduction to SONNET suites  

  • Gives a decent overview of what SONNET is targeted at. 
  • SONNET lite is free version that allows engineer familiarization

Video: GaN HEMT Amplifier Circuit – notes

  • SONNET is intended for 3D planar analysis – that is to say a stack of planes with interconnect, dielectric etc.
  • SONNET operates on geometries

Video: SONNET lite design of double stub tuner

  • Demonstrates the parameter build up of the structures
  • Subsequently demostrates the analysis EM structure
  • shows how the structure was spacially sampled with a grid
  • shows current flow versus time and frequency

Video: SONNET lite double stub tuner parameterization

  • Parameterizes 2 open stub lengthes and sets them equal
  • Parameterizes length in between stubs
  • Analyzes the structure in 5 values of the parameters.  Lite version can only do 1 parameter at a time
  • Plots the 5 results
  • Allows you to output any of the 5 result sets to files with an explanation file accompanying







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