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  • Rayno smart film controllable LCD window filter
  • Smart Glass
  • CPAP for apnea experimentation
  • oxygen concentrators
  • full wall projector – telepresence
  • isolation tank
  • secure server room
  • electronics bench
  • milling machine – machinist room
  • sauna
  • jacuzzi
  • tdcs, mag stim
  • tanning bed
  • free to air 5Ghz satellite
  • ham or otherwise radio
  • design for minimum flamability
  • Design for "button up" when gone.  All windows must have built in security cover
  • security cameras online with recording.
  • smoke detectors
  • rainwater catch
  • solar panels / converters
  • door bell / knock detect on internet 
  • intercomm to talk as if there to person at the door.


Front house

  • attic converted to A frame like office with large triangular windows
  • hard wood floors
  • slate roof 
  • mail slot – some sort of automatic letter viewing / scanning — Anti Room for packages

Yard / Garden

  • Fence in
  • groom and wall the creek bed
  • level yard / add soil for garden


Rear Apartment Garage

  • Server room
  • spiral staircase
  • single room second story  kitchen / office
  • would like to add a 3rd story – need a rebuild from a salvage building to control costs – permitting?
  • epoxy garage floor
  • tile laundry room
  • microwave for clothes / blankets
  • gas stove from basement




A reasonable spiral staircase is about 6 feet in diameter.





















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