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Description of precedure to install apps when Google Play Services refuses to update. Example of this is when you click install and get "Download Pending"

Process Steps

  1. find the app in the google play store
  2. Go to: APK Download Link Generator  and generate a link to download
  3. Put the link on a webpage so you can then download on phone – You can bypass this by doing DL on your phone. I am doing it here using this page as intermediary.
  4. Navigate to this page and click on the apk link you want to install
  5. After downloading click on the download and you will be prompted to install

Applications I have used this procedure on

The download pending problem is why I search out the above work a round solution.  Below are my notes on fixing the problem.

I could not find the CLEAR DATA button in the Play Store App.  I did FORCE STOP and then DISABLE.  At this point the phone appeared to give an option to update Play Store and after a bit restarted itself.  I am not really sure of these second part but it worked and I could directly install WhatsApp.

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