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I just woke up this morning after falling asleep with the TV on.  Sure ass shootin if you leave the TV on when you sleep there is something wacky on right when you start dreaming.  This particular time it was one of those colon cleansing info-mercials.  They try to sell you on the idea that a clean colon results in healthy person.  Of course who would argue that they think their colon should be in tatters.   Naturally it had a steering effect on my dream process and I found myself worrying about my colon cleanliness and how I could thoroughly dis-encrust it.    That is what happens when you fall asleep while you watch the TV. 

No critical thinking, just a steering of the stream of consciousness. 

This is important because I realized the majority of people in this country and indeed the whole world watch TV with a large component of uncritical mind.

To wit: The proper response to colon cleansing ads is — No matter how many street sweepers you have on the Hershey Highway they still can’t keep it clean. 

This is a metaphor for TV.  TV people are the same the world entire.   They are all trying to sell a product whether it is colon cleansing or a particular news story.   You buy their product with your time.  They in turn package the collective time of all the viewers and re-sell this to the advertisers.  My god and what these mental midgets are paid for this. 

The fact is my mind is heavy on critical thinking when I am awake.  That is why when I watch something like CNN I get the same feeling as when I hear a colon cleansing commercial.

That is why it is dangerous to “fall asleep” while watching TV.   Viewing TV without a critical mind is about as smart as asking Elizabeth Taylor for marital advice. ( She’s been married how many times?  Well enough to make her an expert ! )

You get a very clear view of the machinations of TV cultura as an American in Brazil.  In Brazil the news people are socialist just like here in the USA.   They are more tightly held by the governent and they have no Rush Limbaugh.  As such these Brazilian news-people like to diss the USA because socialists realize the USA as an example puts the lie to their charade.   While I was there last they ran a story to the effect that jobs were hard to get in the USA and that why the heck would you want to live there ?   I mentioned to my Brazilian friends that this was quite in counterpoint to the truth.  In fact that if you wanted 10 jobs in the USA you could have them inside of 10 minutes if you have any sort of brain at all.  This in contrast to the chronically underemployed underutilized Brazilians who worry daily about their jobs, work alot of hours and have an average wage of about 500 USD per month.

Yes indeed TV people, News people are the same ALL over the world.  They sell a shabby product and their continued existance is based on you buying.    Let’s put them out of business.   Do not fall asleep with the TV on.



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