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Apr. 17, 1966… Ravenna, OH, to Conway, PA: Deputy Sheriffs Dale Spaur and Wilbur Neff of Portage County were on patrol when an UFO stopped above them; illuminating them and the surroundings (it was just about dawn). As the UFO moved away from them at about 300-500 ft. above the road, it would alternately start and stop ahead of them playing cat and mouse. At E. Palestine, OH, Officer Wayne Huston joined in the pursuit. At speeds of 100mph in unfamiliar territory, they were soon low on gas and had to give up the game with the UFO. Through local police dispatch the officers alerted the Air Force, who sent out fighter planes to investigate the UFO. As the officers saw the AF planes approaching the UFO shot straight up and out of sight. The officers chased the UFO 86mi. They observed four jet airplanes closing in on the UFO. The UFO climbed rapidly straight up and out of sight. WANT TO KNOW MORE? ALT 1966, Summer… Results of an Iowa Poll, Iowa: 45% Iowans queried believe UFOs to be REAL objects. Of the 45%, 21% were of the opinion that the UFOs were of extraterrestrial origin. June, 1966… Nha Trang, Vietnam: At this active Army Base at about 9:45 p.m., what was thought to be a flare lit up the north sky. The bright UFO approached the base alternately moving at low to high speeds. Upon descending toward the soldiers it hovered at an altitude of 300-500 ft. All of a sudden the 6 generators failed along with the engines of the idling Skyraiders, (TESLA energy discharge effects) bulldozers and trucks. The entire valley and surrounding mountains were illuminated by the hovering UFO for about 4 min. after which it went straight up and disappeared in about 3 sec. After the incident a plane load of officials from Washington arrived to investigate. (see 3/4/69)



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