Wind energy is a mildly viable form of alternative energy.  No amount of twirly pinwheels will fix our energy problems but since capitalism is showing it viable it should be allowed a free run to reach the highest production levels possible on solely private investment. 

You would think a member of the global warming crowd would be all for wind power. Hell Teddy Kennedy IS wind power personified.  He probably in in favor of wind energy unless its within sight of his neighborhood.  Only a femmy lib could think one of these techy marvels made by GE wind systems is not a beautiful work of art. 

The testosterone levels in me soar when I see machines as large and well designed.

 Teddy Kennedy and Mitt Romney conspired to thwart installation of wind generation off of Martha’s Vinyard.  As far as I am concerned this alone is enough to disqualify Mr. Romney from any public office. 

Mitt….you are intellectually neuter.  Manly men include in their toolkit calculus.  Politicians so often appear to me as a middle age house wife concerned with serving koolaid and cookies.  All smiles with a pretty empty head.  Put your apron on Mitt.



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