Lecture 1:  The Qubit     Worked Examples

Lecture 2:  Interference  Worked Examples

Lecture 3 :  Measurement  Worked Examples

Lecture 4 : The Schroedinger Picture

Lecture 5 : A Quantum Algorithm

Lecture 6 : Grover's Search Algorithm 


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Lecture 1

Lecture 2

The simplest quantum property demonstration I have ever seen is copied from Lecture #2.  Thinking classically you would conclude that the photo would exit vertically 50% of the time and to the right 50% of the time.  But it always exits to the right. If I understand correctly for the simplest experiment you would not even need a single phone detector / counter. You could just see you get output to the right and zero in the vertical directly of the second 1/2 silvered mirror.   You can also place a barrier in the upper horizontal path and that causes 1/2 the photons to exit vertical and 1/2 to exit to the right.  

In practice the system is arranged so it can us a single beam splitter plate as follows.


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Muh brain hertz. 



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