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During the 1998 Long Term Capital Management crisis the bailout was kept quiet but Lehman Brothers and Bear Stearns griped about being involved.  Thus when the 2008 crisis hit they were purposely sacrificed to recapitalize JP Morgan Chase bank.

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none of these things happen for no reason you know like there's a reason why Bear Stearns was selected to die you know they were selected to die because they they weren't one of the boys because they couldn't be counted on to take their licks so they were chosen for execution and and the bear students thing really ended up being a recapitalization of JP Morgan because they wound bear stearns into JP Morgan okay Lehman Brothers they did the same thing another recapitalization of JP Morgan because JP Morgan with it was up to their necks in this too reluctant Preppers provides educational awareness and commentary only opinions expressed do not constitute personalized financial advice viewers are encouraged to do their own research and seek qualified personal financial consultation before making investment decisions as a responsible person with growing concerns for your privacy and personal liberty you want to know where we're headed and what you can do about it we asked the experts what you need to do to take prudent and responsible action to safeguard your family's wealth and well-being and what basic first steps will help you to be aware and prepared reluctant Preppers calm welcome back reluctant Preppers we're delighted to have this returning guest Rob Kirby a favorite of our viewers is a proprietary analyst at Kirby analytics comm Rob thanks for joining us again here I'm reluctant Preppers today is Monday April 8th 2019 and in contrast with our usual habit of throwing a lot of viewers questions at you instead we're gonna ask you if we could talk about some major trends that are not dollar friendly that you're seeing unfolding in our in our current world today could we kick us off with something you touched on in a previous interview and that is the principle of what's happening with one of the major components of the Dow 30 that is the Boeing specifically versus Trump's touting of trade talks with China and how that's going to be a big move forward for our country sure Dunnigan be happy to touch on that subject first and foremost people would be would do well to realize that boeing represents the biggest opponent of US exports to the rest of the world so how many airplanes Boeing is producing and selling abroad has a profound influence on and on the on the balance of trade merchandise trade deficit for America and as such my feeling and my my intuition tells me that any any comprehensive trade deal that America would be involved with let's just say regarding China it would almost necessarily have to have a large Boeing component to it in terms of trying to balance the trade between America and China because America is a big trade deficit with China and with with Boeing seemingly to me anyway almost admitting that their prospects for selling planes in a civilian market anyway are dead in the water and this was evidenced by last Friday when Boeing announced that they were cutting production of the 737 model of airplane from 52 planes a month down to 42 planes a month which represents almost a 20 percent decline in production and you know this this is only roughly a month after the 737 a fleet globally was grounded and so my question becomes like what are the prospects for Boeing going forward is Boeing likely to be reducing the number of 737s being produced on a monthly basis are we likely to see further cuts in the near future my guess is probably yes because I feel that much of the world has lost faith in Boeing to supply a product that people can trust and believe in and the ramifications and implications as that reverberates back through the supply chain being one of America's biggest dollar producers contributing to the to the balance of trade picture I have to wonder if if America could very likely and conceivably be you know facing some sort of a recession in in the relatively near future and this is just based on Boeing alone because Boeing is that important to the to the trade picture so so to me what's occurred at Boeing it muddies it muddies the likelihood of there being a trade a comprehensive trade agreement and it and it also increases the likelihood that we see some sort of a recession or certainly it takes the starch out of the all's well in the American economy picture that's being fed to us as a narrative in the mainstream financial press so anyway both of these things are negative developments and and and they're not bail or friendly makes you kind of wonder how successful America is going to be like how successful the dollars gonna be on a go-forward basis and and what and what kind of appetite there's gonna be globally for US government debt because the deficits the budget deficits continue to grow and I mean I remember a time when foreign participation and US government debt auctions was was essential and a requirement that doesn't seem to be the case so much these days as foreigners have been quite absent from US government debt auctions so things don't look completely friendly for the dollar or the dollars prospects going forward and that should give a lot of people reason for some concern I believe you're right you and others who we had on last year talked about Russia and China potentially pivoting away from and divesting themselves of US debt and you say you know that the the willingness to purchase new us datas is dried up from it from an external country standpoint so who is purchasing the debt you you've talked to us in the past about how we've never had a failed bond auction well to me I find that incredibly odd too because I you know I have made mention of that on numerous occasions and in numerous interviews in different places the the United States is the only debt issuing sovereign in the world that I'm aware of that has never had a failed bond auction and you see I come from a background where where I was engaged in broke being a broker of US government debt and Canadian government debt and provincial debt and you know as as a as a participant and a player in those markets for for quite some time of my working professional working life you know Multan like I mean germ Germany who is a better credit than America has had failed bondage mm-hmm okay but America is a lesser credit who issues way more debt they've never had one Canada's had failed bond auctions or abandoned and blonde auctions but I mean in all like the the notion that America has never ever had a had a bail bond auction sort of tells me like the odds of that being being natural or plausible is like is like a navy saying that they have a fleet of ships and none of them have ever sunk I mean and yet they've been engaged in wars and they've been engaged in battles and naval engagements but their ships never sink though you know you can think about that if you want to you might want to think long and hard on that because the the odds the odds the odds that this would be natural don't don't really don't really measure up what you compare you know apples to apples with other with other debt issuing sovereign entities you've mentioned also speaking of like China and Russia you've mentioned also about rising geopolitical tension surrounding Venezuela and that being part of a picture that that doesn't bode well for you know these harmonious expanding trade agreements and everything going forward what do you see happening there well I mean Russia Russia currently has military boots on the ground in Venezuela the China currently has military boots on the ground in Venezuela and to me this becomes or makes the prospects of America doing a foreign intervention in Venezuela or doing doing a military intervention in Venezuela it makes it a lot more problematic and it makes the whole idea I mean in past interventions that America has engaged in like when when America attacked Iraq they had it they had a coalition of countries supporting them when America attacked Libya they had a coalition of countries supporting them I don't see there being a coalition of allies of America joining them to fight the Russians and the Chinese and the Venezuelans in Venezuela because I don't believe there's going to be any foreign appetite to become engaged and in a conflict with major powers that are currently that currently have boots on the ground in Venezuela and this so this becomes very very problematic I mean we're told we're told and even in the alternative press we're told that the prospects of America becoming militarily engaged in Venezuela has to do with fears of a collapsing Venezuela sending sending a throng of migrants or possible migrants forward or north we're into creating a bigger problem on the southern border I don't buy into that narrative for a minute because I believe that it has everything to do with Venezuela selling their oil or the oil or much of the oil they are producing they're selling it for $9 as in they're selling it for Chinese currency mmm and I feel that this has a very very very big impact on why America feels that there needs to be regime change in in Venezuela despite despite the narratives that are coming out of the mainstream because it just seems to me Dunnigan right now everything everything is about is about the dollar I mean America America's there are tensions right now between America and Venezuela there are tensions and you know there were tensions between America and Libya and Olivia came out on the short end of the stick on that one tensions were between America and Iraq and you know in Iraq was invaded America has ongoing issues with with Iran like like America doesn't have any issues with countries that produce broccoli or Brussels sprouts but they do have plenty of problems with countries around the world who produce oil or energy and they want to sell it in other than dollars and you know it's and and for those who might point out well Syria doesn't produce a lot of oil well Syria may may very well not produce a lot of oil but Syria happens to be a strategic piece of property where we're we're very key pipelines were being proposed to run through to basically have Russia supply Western Europe and and and and other in other countries with oil the principal pipelines were proposed to run through Syria and so there's an energy component there too but so it just seems to me that the the real issue the real issue that is confronting America and and America's position as the world's reserve currency with the dollar have to do with energy and and truth be told I really believe that a big part of the reason why America has ramped up their shale oil production is because America needs to have more oil on the world market priced in dollars the percentage of world oil production priced in dollars has diminished in recent years with with China basically demanding that they pay in their currency and with obliging countries America share of the global petroleum market is is diminishing and one way to offset or to counter such a thing would naturally be for to America to boost production of oil even if it's on a short-term basis to buy them buy them some time and I feel that that may very well be the motivation behind producing shale oil so what I'm so what I'm kind of saying here the shale oil might be being produced even if the economics don't support him simply because it acts as a big sponge because America clearly won't be selling any oil any shale oil anywhere to anyone in other than dollars and it isn't it interesting that my whole lifetime you know and I just turned 59 but my whole life America's been an oil importer I know an America only became an oil exporter in the last year with shale oil which is the most expensive oil on the planet to produce okay and and and that sort of sticks out like a sore thumb to me and I can almost hear a bell ringing that it that it's it's signalling trouble in the petrodollar market and america needs needs to produce this oil simply because they need to give for in other foreign countries are reason to hold dollars and that's the buy american oil one corroborating venue that you didn't mention with saudi arabia and they're pivoting to the east as well yes absolutely saudi arabia has been pivoting to the east saudi arabia has been toying with the idea if they haven't already made made the purchases and that's for the russian air missile defense system the s400 which is basically an American plane killer and yeah the other big big issue is the is the legislation that's been floating around you know man American Congress to take away the sovereign immunity that OPEC countries have enjoyed basically for rigging the price of oil and because there there has been a want on the part of many many players for many many years to launch class-action lawsuits against OPEC countries and this I mean up and up until or let's just say from 2000 or 2001 onward these OPEC countries have enjoyed immunity right for anything relating to oil and the mood the mood of Congress under Trump has been that this might you know this immunity might be revoked to which Saudi Arabia as issued stern warnings that if this were to occur that their support for the dollar going forward might very well be in question so it's just another dollar not dollar friendly item on the menu the other big thing that's going on the like italian italy's now run by populist right i don't know if you're where the five star movement is in control in italy so italian italian now run by populous people and the populace people made a statement over the weekend that they viewed the sovereign Italian gold as belonging to oh yeah yeah the people not not to the naughty thanks yeah okay so you know so this this this public statement was made this weekend but two weeks ago Mario Draghi any you know like you understand who dragged he is okay biggest drag II he's Italian he's a former Finance Minister of Italy and two weeks ago he made a statement that nobody's nobody's allowed to do anything with a with a reserve asset unless they have the express written consent of the European sent central bank so no country that's a member of the euro can do anything with with a reserve asset unless they have the you're given permission by the European Central Bank okay so draggy knew this was coming uh-huh Draghi was the finance minister of Italy in 1998 when long-term capital went under one of the big investors in long-term capital was the Bank of Italy central bank okay and what happened was the central bank to get money to invest in in long term capital the Central Bank of Italy was advised by Goldman Sachs to lease gold so the least like four hundred tons of gold and when that happens the gold gets sold into the market so then they had the money they invested the money with long-term capital long-term capital then went made a huge bet on Russian bonds the Russian government defaulted on the bonds so now Italy didn't have the money and they didn't have the gold okay so that had to be covered up because of it had become publicly known the Italian sovereign finances were in really really bad shape and 1998 and that's that's what actually pushed them into doing the lease of the goal because they were going to invest the proceeds with a can't-miss guaranteed return of the Nobel laureates running long term capital okay so if if the world knew that Italy lost the gold and the money Italy wouldn't qualified for the euro and there wouldn't have been a euro there wouldn't have been a Europe it would have been stillborn okay so that all got covered up and the guy the guy who was long-term capital's legal council chief legal counsel was James Rickards okay and and it was James Rickards who did the work out very very on the hush-hush and everyone had to swear to silence and that was worked out in the offices of the New York Federal Reserve with Richards acting as the point man okay so that's so that's what and and and then of course draggy was rewarded with it for his silence because goldman sachs made him the chairman of Goldman Sachs International which is basically goldman sachs europe so he was bought off and records of course rickards of course runs around talking like he knows that Gold's a great investment well of course he knows it's a great investment he knows he knows the chicanery that goes on in the gold market but I mean he's a very conflicted guy because he knows the kind of crap that goes on in the international gold market but he can't talk about you see because he's sworn to secrecy too and he's part of the globalist he's a mr. Fixit he's it again rickards is the gimp for the for the for the globalists on the monetary front piece of you know plug and play and if you look and if you look at where records has appeared if you read the guy's CV it reads like something out of a superhero comic anyway but I mean you know you know you look at where record shows up in history okay you read his own CV he crows about being negotiating the release of the America hostages when when they were taken when Jimmy Carter was president at the fault when that when the you know when the Islamic grew people took over in Iran okay he negotiated the release of the hostages okay so Jimmy Carter he you know he was brought into the picture under the Carter Administration Democrat okay he appears he appears as the as the long-term capital chief legal counsel when when long term is going down boy just when there happened to be a Clinton another Democrat in power okay the guy the guy disappears off the radar for for the entire eight years of George W Bush okay and then he resurfaces like like a stealth submarine and becomes immediately becomes a media darling again when Obama another Democrat takes take stage so you know and you know and and where does old where is old handsome Jim been lately well there's a Republican in the White House so you don't see too much a Jim anymore okay anyway all I'm saying the guy is he's he's a complete Democrat globalist tool and there's no other way I can describe him and he's an extremely conflicted guy and he can't talk honestly about like what he does is he mixes kernels kernels of truth like I can sit around and chuckle and make stories anecdotal stories about how good gold is you know but I mean and he does that so those are your kernels of truth but what does he pose as an alternative what is it that stands out to you if anything what does rickards proposes an alternative to the current system mmm SDS every chance he gets that's SD errors well SD ours are controlled by the same guys that we're in control the fiat money system so so so records is saying that the global is deserve a do-over i don't believe they deserve do-over and rickards records you see rickards cannot sit down and talk talk square and honestly about what's really occurred because you know records records has records has black code black code areas where he's not allowed to talk okay because everybody who was involved in that everyone who was involved in that long-term capital workout was sworn to secrecy okay and and and the only real leak that ever came out of it because John Merryweather who ran it and the Nobel laureates nobody can get an interview with them they don't talk I can't and won't and never will talk about it hmm and the only entity where anything ever leaked out of was a company called Bear Stearns and they were some pissed because in the work out in the work out there they realized and it became obvious to them that the boys were with gold and everyone was everyone at that table was being asked to take a haircut and the guys at Bear Stearns were crankier than and they said why should we take a haircut because you guys are with gold you know like we got no we're nothing to do with gold we don't we don't want to take a haircut over this because you guys with gold so then what happened what happened to 2007 when when when the subprime crisis blew up okay Bear Stearns was taken down because they had subprime paper that failed okay but you know what every investment bank in America were loaded to the gunnels with that okay Bear Stearns was taken down because they had subprime paper under understand this also when when subprime failed it was the first time in the history of credit markets in the entire history of humanity it was the first time triple-a paper had ever failed mm-hmm okay triple-a paper does not fail this was this was garbage paper this was junk this was that shouldn't even have been rated junk and of course it failed it was designed to fail but bear stearns paid the price not goldman sachs not Merrill Lynch not Lehman Brothers not Morgan Stanley they all got you know they all got got to get off but but bear stearns was taken down because they wanted a team player back in 1998 when everyone had to take a take a haircut and shut up about it and they squat and it leaked and it leaked through it leaked through a through a true through a treatise that was written by John Embry and Andrew Hepburn called not free not fair and it was published by Sprott eric sprott company so you see anyway and this all plays back into this italy thing too because everything is so convoluted and so twisted and tied together right and you mentioned in passing about the other world currencies that are in vying for the u.s. potentially as a world reserve currency what do you see playing out on the grandeur if you really back away from this what's the real big picture happening about us a reserve currency status well I mean the world has had many reserve currencies like through the last sort of five six hundred years or you know over very very long time periods and if one if one if one looks at the the length of time other currencies have had as the world's reserve currency and somebody sent me a graphic of this done again which which I might try to dig up and that you can maybe post with the with with the interview just as a graphic mmm-hmm but if you look if you look at on a chart the amount of time that previous six or seven or eight currencies have had as as their time in the Sun as the world's reserve currency the block the block that is the US dollar as the world's reserve currency is roughly the same size and the funny thing is all all of these sovereign currencies that enjoyed world reserve currency status the size of them and the length of time they all enjoyed this this time you know as the big currency in the world the time the time that each one enjoyed it is virtually the same and it's it's uncanny when you look at the chart with with the blocks on the chart the blocks that are taking up a time period on the chart and all the blocks are almost virtually identical in size and America's block on the chart looks to be looks to be sort of it as big as any of them on that on the chart which which makes one wonder at least it makes me wonder if maybe things are winding up for the dollar as its as its you know time and the Sun it's the world's reserve currency and you know and to hasten that thought or at least fuel for the fire for that thought done again for me in really really recent times has been the evidence that's been uncovered by Katherine Fitz and dr. Skidmore that it's very likely that 21 minimum 21 trillion extra dollars have been printed out of thin air are in existence and are hidden and siloed in black boxes alike the exchange Stabilization Fund and because what it really comes down to well we are told that dollars are scarce and while we are told that dollars are in you know in bigger demand then supply yeah you know can satisfy and I like to acknowledge that for people like you and I Dunnigan dollars or fiat currency isn't a short supply because you know we're subject to things like you know paying income tax and reporting our income and kind of anti counterfeiting laws we can't pay our own money but isn't it interesting that after the revelations from Katherine Fitz and and dr. Skidmore were they've documented that 21 trillion went through the books unaccounted for money went through the books of two government agencies Department of Defense and Housing and Urban Development or HUD that isn't it amazing rate after right after they made these allegations the White House ordered a full audit of the Department of Defense first time in the history and after this audit got underway accounting regulations were basically reformulated under FASB so so the regulator's then made it okay that if something was to deal with national security that basically the US government didn't need to show us their financial books so so so what's so while dollars well dollars are made very dear to us the American government at the same time has been excessively been excused of accounting so and this is on the back of allegations of 21 trillion extra dollars minimum of being created and and I would say siloed so what well dollars are dear to us I'm gonna suggest the dollars aren't nearly as dear to the federal government in America as we might might have previously believed and this intuitively makes a lot of sense to me anyway done again I look at the number of trillions that have been thrown into a black hole in the Middle East and over the last 10 or 15 years and we see my my intuition tells me that if dollars were really as scarce as you and I are led to believe there's no way 7 trillion them would have been thrown into that dark black hole and you know but but if but if one has a secret stash or has siloed 20 100 or more trillion in in dark places one one might be inclined to act as if as if they had an endless amount of money and all I'm saying is the actions the actions of the people calling the shots are more consistent with the notion that they they believe money has no consequence and that they have an endless supply more so than than believing that money is scarce and because money only seems to be scarce when it's when it's for the little people and when it can have an impact on prices in the domestic economy like it's fine to spend seven trillion blowing up stuff in the Middle East but you wouldn't want to let that seven trillion loose in the domestic economy because they need then you would really feel the effects of monetary inflation as in rising prices which which would without a doubt seal the deal that you know currencies been undermined you know it's not it's all about the money it's all about the money it's all about the stewardship of the world's reserve currency like unthinkable things have have been done and like like and it can't go on forever because the rest of the world like it's gonna come to blows the rest of the world isn't gonna put up with this and I you know and if it means it's gonna be a nuclear war then and there will because you know what the rest of the world ain't gonna put up with this forever you know you guys get to be the kings you guys get the print up you guys get the print up more money than has ever been created in the world and have as a secret stash to do whatever they want with whenever you want like the rest of the world like already Russia won't sell any gold to do like Russia will not allow the export of gold okay like so things are being withheld from the international market you know why because they know their mispriced and they know they're not going to get fair value in return and like and if you think that if you think that's gonna mysteriously change it's not it's good it's gonna get worse you know why because because they they don't trust the money and they're and they're not gonna gain trust for the money with with the current with the current posture of any American administration because like and I mean Trump Trump knows that I think convinced the Trump knows this thing is completely off the rails and he's he's basically trying to talk I think he's trying to talk the world down from a from a from a precarious ledge because I think he knows how badly screwed up everything is but what can he do he can't come out and say it's and we're all toes or then it becomes then it becomes a self-fulfilling thing overnight there'd be there'd be World War 8 overnight and so so you can't do that and plus so much of this is is by definition national security and he's not allowed to he's not allowed to divulge NASA net like as the president he can't do that a lot of what you're talking about it reminds me of the basic premise and the adage about do what they watch what they do and now what they say watch where the money is going so if people ordinary ordinary people like me or people who who are listening to this realize that they're not gonna be able to know all this stuff but they go well the people who are in the know if they see what the Russians are doing what the Chinese are doing with the Indian the hoarded gold hoarding gold a man like they're hoarding gold because they have information you and I they have information that's not widely available hmm I mean you know like I mean I I do I do my own research I do my own research and I have faith in my own work and you know and I know people I know people that work with them and you know I know I know what their sentiments are you know like I I know I know for a fact China China will not take one stick they will not take one bar of gold from the West without reefs melting it okay not one bar every ounce of gold that they've procure from the West which is a lot it's all remelted and arias aid every bit of it because they don't even trust they don't trust the LBMA to give them burrs that are pure or what their purported to be so anyway and that's a fact okay that is a complete fact so why all the distrust you know think about it tungsten tungsten lace burs they're around to you know have people tried to sell those as credible gold yep you know and those are siloed – those are siloed in places you know kind of ask yourself a question why is it when the Germans who had gold on deposit at the Federal Reserve the Germans initially said to the Fed we'd like to audit our gold we'd like to come in basically they like to inspect the bars I say some of them and do an audit that's what an honor it is in gold and the Fed the Fed told the Germans no you can't do that and they said made up some excuse we don't have the room for you to come in and do an audit really that's like–that's like going to the Ford dealership and then saying they don't have a there on the service bay to fix a car if you're in the business of storing gold you have you have rooms where facilities pass say the otherwise how do you know again though I mean it's just it's not incredible so the Germans the German said can we audit our gold the Fed told them to go away and then they said okay you don't want to let us auditor gold we'd like some of our gold back and they said go away okay what's the problem like what why why was the Fed saying that to the Germans if they really had their gold and if it really is gold so then through some convoluted the Germans claimed to have got some gold back I don't know a year ago or something mm-hmm Oh anyway I don't you think do you think the gold they got back might have been it was the same gold as that they were asking for you know a few years earlier they had to wait a long time for it nearly got a fraction of it do you know like I mean I don't know like this doesn't pass the smell test not mine mm-hmm so and why is it this appears always in gold you know there's never a problem with broccoli whether you shipped me real broccoli or not but with gold yeah and you know so you describe the behavior of a government bureaucrat or whoever who's got an unlimited checkbook what do you advise engine in the abstract for an ordinary person who is subject to scarce money limitations and wants to protect themselves from from the unreasonable risks that are posed to their family from all of these hijinks you've been describing well here it comes back to the probe the whole prepper proposition done again and I would only remind people that foreign foreign countries like China like Russia and others have realized in at least I believe our have realized the chicanery that's been resorted to by the stewards of the petrodollar reserve currency and they are very far up the curve in understanding the amount of deceit that there's been and global monetary affairs and which which is why they are conducting themselves in the manner in which they are creating alternatives and parallel structures to the current you know IMF and World Bank and these these are this is the infrastructure that's being put in place by the non dollar countries the Asian countries in Russia to to basically survive and operate and hopefully on their part I would say to not miss a beat when when the world is put on a system that is non dollar where the dollar is not required at all so my feeling that for for for the average person if if you have investable assets you might want to really really think hard about dedicating or or allocating a portion of your investable net worth in real stuff stuff that will survive a currency reset or will survive or reprice itself when we in my view reached the eventualities that the dollar will fall as the world's reserve currency and there will be a new reserve currency regime which in my view is very likely to be given the discrediting that fiat money will have ultimately been dealt any any replacement vehicle or currency necessarily in my in my view will have to have a convertibility factor to it and it will have to be backed by real stuff and to me the centrepiece of real stuff would include gold and silver and it might very well have an energy component is it you know X X amount of a barrel of oil and it might very well have an agricultural component in terms of it being worth you know so much of a bushel of wheat or some other Majors agricultural staple so this what I see coming and you know the way you protect yourself is you raise your exposure to real stuff the items that I just mentioned and you know to me to me it's high time people really really think this over and think it over very carefully and because it should be have a big influence on what people do in the near future financially we've been speaking with Rob Kirby proprietary analyst and founder of Kirby analytics comm Rob as always thank you for joining us here I'm reluctant Preppers my pleasure sharing time and thought with you with surprising new concerns expressed about Donegan's changing hair style one viewer even commented that hair is dyed fried and laid to the side but what you're not being told is done against hair needs no dye thanks to the wonderful vitamin and mineral regimen the melody recommends and is not lay decided to cover any bald spot either since done against full head of hair is exceptionally well attached however Dunnigan does use hair products only as a disaster prevention because he's at severe risk of 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