If you have a blog and watch the site statistics closely you will notice that something called “Relative Noise” comes to visit.  http://www.relevantnoise.com    After listening to their audio introduction you can deduce that they are not interested so much in what you think but rather summing up negatives and positives in your arties so as to track the blog image of a product or candidate.   Smile,  you are still only a number not matter who you are :)

They detect on

1) something versus nothing

2) positive tone words versus negative ones – I assume there is a deviation number.  Deviation is the measure of variability   around an average value. 

This all seems to happen rather rapidly.  It appears that blogs may be getting faster treatment than any other type or search scanning as I have monitored the scanning of this blog its rising edge has been much faster than other types of websites that I do. 

Looks like its taking more energy to keep the hogs on the farm nowdays!   An invention of the 21th century it appears the personalized impersonal touch has arrived.

The name is very relevant to their methods.   The concept is very similar to power measurement in communications theory. In this of communications channel design signal to noise ratio is often of interest and its measured mathematically with similar methods.



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