How do you get teva rubber sandals to stop stinking after you sweat in them.? My Teva sandals smell a little bit. How can I get them to stop kickin?   Use my sandal mummification process.

My solution is easier if you have 2 pairs.  Get an old shoebox and dump a bunch of Borax in it.  Take one pair and and bury them cover them in Borax.  Let them rest their for a while.  This works pretty well in Arizona where its very dry.  The Borax sucks the moisture out and a bit of it diffuses into the sandal material. Borax is antibacterial and you will find your sandals smelling alot better.  You can do this on a nightly basis but what works best is to leave them in the borax a week so you do not have to dust them off everyday.  Simply pull out the ones that have been mummifying for a week and put your second pair in.  Then you always have a stink free pair.


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