As previously mentioned in this blog I tried in my early 40's to lose weight.  I would run 5 miles per day and still only hold a steady weight.  No weight loss!  Below is an updated summary of the tricks I have discovered and developed to lose weight in an effortless fashion.  They work on me who has many over allergies.  They also work on my room mate who gets next to no exercise and has no overt signs of allergy. He gets no headaches and has no problem with psoriasis or with congestion.

Do not eat the following     In descending order of importance for inflammation response.

  1. Any wheat / gluten containing product  – make sure your beer is not made with wheat!  No gluten beer == no headache!  Many recommend whole grains but that is crazy.  The Romans noticed more than 2k years ago that soldiers fed wheat were not as ready for battle.
  2. No caffeine or erstwhile stimulants:  No chocolate either!  ( it is quite a stimulant )
  3. dairy product – cheese, milk , yogurt  
  4. eggs
  5. avoid peanut butter or any other item that tends to have alot of fungus in it.
  6. Sugar – ( this one is not so much inflammation issues as it is a simple insulin transform away from fat deposits )

Sleep is central to weight loss and function of a clear mind!

  1. debug your sleep process – this means figuring out if you have sleep apnea. This is common with people that are carrying extra weight. I experienced sudden wake ups after my throat would prolapse and prohibit breathing.
  2. buy an oxygen concentrator  and use it when you sleep – very deep sleep with very slow heart rates.  Its also good for getting rid of headaches.
  3. take an NSAID such as ibuprofen before going to sleep at night.  It helps your body reduce the irritations of the day during sleep.  

Additional techniques that are very helpful ( almost indespensible )

  • Cook for yourself and find recipes that are easy and efficient to prepare.  This allows you total control over what you eat.  If you prepare food that is so good that it hits your psychological satisfaction centers of the brain you'll find the going much easier
  • Get a pressure cooker off of ebay.  They are cheaper there than Walmart and you will get an older much higher quality pan there.  I am in love with my pressure cooker.  You really can not prepare beans very well without.  It takes too long and its virtually impossible to get the right texture.

For carbohydrates substitute dried beans such as chick peas or kidney beans for the carbohydrates you had in your diet.   I have lost 25 lbs at the very least with this diet at the age of 49.  A feat I had all but given up on until I invented the anti inflammation diet.  Likewise with my room mate who eats almost exclusively what I cook due to aversion to kitchen processes.  The energy release from beans is much more smooth than wheat flower which tends to hit you with a case of pasta shock.  These days I consider wheat flower to be a quasi sugar because of this.

The best theory I have for why this works is that the effects of allergy / inflammation / irritation of the body are such that they inhibit weight loss.  

Additional benefits

  • as you lose weight you will automatically start sleeping better
  • A nice side effect of this diet is you will be getting adequate fiber.  I have gone from moving once per day to up to 5 times per day. No more struggling!
  • joints feel much better.  Any sensation of sore or stiff joints are gone now.  
  • bph ( benign prostrate hypertrophy ) is lessened.  Caffeine is your enemy if you have this issue.
  • a clearer mind.  As an engineer I am super sensitive differences in my intellectual performance.  If I am having a bad day physically it translates directly into a poor intellectual performance.
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