I grew up in a small town where you did not have to lock your doors.  You really should lock your doors in that same town years later now.  There is absolutely no coincidence between the growth of lib policies and this phenomena. 

Lib policies encourage replacing the word theft with the idea of confiscation or taxation.  They also encourage doing anything that has a percentage in it even if its not right.  Its sad.  As we have gone from a self reliant people to a people who look for the gimme at any turn the nation has degraded.   When you couple this with our neurotic baby boomers that think they will live to be 1000 years old if they avoid second hand smoke it leads to incredible amounts of gaming the governmental system to gain an edge. 

Voting Republican only seems to retard the process but not to eliminate it.

When you shift the cost of anything such as procreation away from the people doing the procreating you encourage a run away condition where upon the responsible of the world are left fending for more and more irresponsible people.  This can not go on. Not in an age where information travels so quickly.

Social networks may be the key to liberating mankind from this shit-fest it appears the dems are so eager we wallow in.   With social networks one can choose an association that is extra national.  With the ability to choose a nation wherein our taxes are negligible.  Where if you want to give all your earn to the chilrun you can join a different meta-nation.  

I hope it happens during my lifetime.  I can’t wait to hear the moans of the lib-takers.




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