I was notified by email that my American Airline Advantage miles were expiring.  This is because AA has had very high round trip ticket prices to Brazil.  

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Process Notes:

  • All the credit cards offered on the AAdvantage site have a yearly fee of about 95 USD.  Not a natural fit. 
  • Dining out is another option but all the locations are a bit far away from my home base.  It's not a natural fit.
  • AAdvantage eShopping site links out and uses web cookies so that when you click through an purchase that will cause an action that preserve your miles.  This is a natural fit for me as I am currently renovating two houses.  


  • Create an account on AAdvantage eShopping
  • Select a vendor you want buy a product from – Example: Home Depot – see screen shot below:
  • Click though to vender of interest.  Example: Home Depot – this took me to the Home Depot site as per normal with AAdvantage eShopping cookies that will credit miles to you.



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