Con 1 & 2 = confidence men  Person 3 = victim

The steps

  • con 1 engages victim in conversation
  • con 2 walks by and "finds" a wallets with 3000 dollars in it.   He opens wallet and says "wow" we should keep it
  • con 1 says no wait it might be a stolen wallet
  • con 2 says I’ll go in a nearby building and call police to inquire. I will take the money with me
  • con 1 says "Hey wait a minute I’m not sure if I trust you"
  • con 3 says ok but how can I trust you?
  • con 1 says "here I’ll seal the money up in an envelop"…and give you 50 dollars of my own to hold.  He hands a sealed up envelop to the victim.  The victim thinks he has money in the envelop but its not.  It is paper cut to size of bank notes.
  • con 2 asks some money of the victim
  • con 2 goes in the building
  • con 1 after a long time waiting goes into the building and dissappears
  • The victim is left holding an envelop of worthless paper.


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Fudgy McFarlen

Woo hoo.

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