I passed through Winslow Arizona 2 times in 2011 and both times stopped at D J's Restaurant & Lounge which was the house restaurant n the Quality Inn.  I stayed in the Travel Lodge across the street both times. 

The tacos had home made sheels that were thick and very crunchy with coarse salt and black pepper and freshly deep fried   When I stopped again in 2016 they had closed.  However the google entry showing the tacos and google street view show it in 2020 which leads me to think it came back after 2016.

 I still have hope to track down the guy behind the tacos.  I have to imagine he is running / chef'ing another restaurant.  Any comments from Winslow would be welcome.  

The Tacos

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PhxMarkER MonsterID Icon PhxMarkER · June 18, 2021 at 10:38 am

Gourmet Tacos on 16th street down south a bit from indian school has some very exellent tacos and sauce bar – the sauce bar is the topper, it mean there are tacos, and then there are, CNR hrudududoodoo tacos with special sauces that add actual PHYSICAL dimensions to the taco experince. https://www.phoenixnewtimes.com/restaurants/new-in-cenpho-la-condesa-gourmet-taco-shop-6513316

La Condesa, looks like it's gone… replaced but another taco shop

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