The box says they are injurious to my health.  Yet all the liberals who say I should be able to kill a vegetative woman in a coma also say cigarettes are the devil.  The truth is in the 80’s when the dem’s figured out that republicans were getting more contributions than they were they started in on this. Do you know what’s even more deadly than smoking ?  Stalinism.  Maoism.  Communism.  Getting nervous? How about a smoke ?  For the clear thinking its easy to see that dems are like a moth to a flame where it comes to SMC.   They are just so damned in love with power.   Why else would they speak so admirably about despots.  Its plain that everyone has know from day 1 that smoking in excess is not good.  That is why your great-great-great-great granny used to call them coffin nails.   Get it ?  This is all a charade.  It would be laughable were it not such a tragedy that for the simple lack of seeing through the charade we are seeing erosions in liberty in all quarters. This is a commercial for Benson and Hedges cigarettes.  If you smoke you should smoke Benson and Hedges.  I do not sell cigarettes but this is a commercial for Benson and Hedges.   I am exercising my freedom of speech doing  this.  Yet tobacco companies are not allowed to do the same.  Imagine our society where everyone gets to choose 1 of their favorite pet peeves and make a law against it.  Now with 300 million people in the USA that means we have 300 million rules at a minimum.   What thing worth doing will still be legal under this hypothesis.  NOTHING!   You bunch of neurotic Americans need to realize our society is becoming unlivable due to this preoccupation with government and regulation.   The cigarette advertising ban is an example.  You choose the ciggarette ban so I choose something you like to do and outlaw it.  Why ?  Simply because I can and that means we can make EVERYTHING illegal. Americans, LISTEN UP!:  Life is not perfect or fair and because and in spite of this perfection can not be legislated.  Regarding the neurotic preoccupations of middle America:  You’re going to die!  Life is dirty and your body is designed to fail after a given number of years.   No amount of eating oat bran or avoiding second hand smoke is going to make you live longer.      

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Smoke Assassin MonsterID Icon Smoke Assassin · March 11, 2010 at 2:39 pm

I ordered the product and want to order more how quick will it arrive?

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