With all the tyranny stuff I have to drag this out again.  Originally made at Ohio University – known for drug usages there.   I am sure LSD was involved.  I don't think these tyrannies have the excuse of LSD.   The key line is "Am I am boy? Or am I a girl?"  Transcript ( audio is weak ).   Filmed on super 8mm and transferred to VHS video then digitized.  Thank god this classic was saved.

–A Dilemma Like No Other —
Once there was a person….that could not …. be…what he was
Am I a boy or am I a girl?
Then one day
You could say he saw the light…but that sounds kind of….funny
Please let me in!
Later….that day
I'm still here. Will you please. Let. Me. In.
He won't do you harm. Please. Let him in.
He's just like you and me.
Unintelligible …..without remorse
I want to show you something…look at this
That's interesting.



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