An Arizona Adventure:   For anyone who is familiar with electronics there is a guy named Don Lancaster who wrote "The TTL Cookbook".   He preceded me working at Goodyear Aerospace too.  Anyway he discovered a cave up on the rim which got named "Dum Ditty".   It was one of the throw away caves they use in case you're a real tool that likes to go into caves and spray paint your name.  Anyway I go to Az Cave Club and hook up.  We go to this cave and go in the relatively roomy entrance and there in front of me is a big boulder with a teeny tiny opening at its base.  My partner says that's the way.  I'm like "waaaaaaa ??? seriously???"  He replies "yes".  I screw myself up and manage to do the crawl.  Now you may or may not know you MUST wear a helmet caving. Otherwise you're going to knock the fuck out of your head.  So my improvised unit was a construction helmet I found by the highway.   If you pay attention while driving any highway you'll eventually start noticing there are construction helmets to be fairly readily found.  So I had mounted a strap.  Long story short only way to get through this hole was take off the helmet because IT WAS TOO WIDE to go through with that orientation.  I had to do the turn your head and cough position to get through. I could then put my helmet back on and continue. Time after time in that cave – helmet off – turn your head and cough – slither – helmet back on.  Looking back I wonder why I'm not still stuck in that cave.

When we finished up with that cave we went to one near by that was supposedly used as a speak easy during prohibition.  It had a large antechamber.  But someone had taken a crap somewhere and you've never smelt it like "someone shat in a cave" and it lays festering for years.  I was out of there withing minutes.



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