A living wage….Keep walking towards the mirage but you never quite get there.   It just distorts the market and results in the price of the items bought by the people getting the minimum wage to go up till the natural equilibrium is met and they are in the exact same situation as before the minimum wage increase.  In the mean time the transient effect is to cause employers to be able to employ less people.  You want to make thinks better for the person on the bottom?  There are two methods.  1)  Get off the top, give YOUR money away.  In other words put yourself on the bottom.  Oh you poor libs you deceive yourself so well.  Yes that is what it takes unless you want to do method number two.    2) Embrace capitalism! 

 Of course when Dem’s or limp wristed republicans ( I am being redundant here and saying things over again ) raise the minimum wage what they are NOT elevating the person on the bottom.   What they are doing is elevating themselves.  More power to ya ! ( said sarcastically )  Its just a power grab.  Its all it ever seems to be in Washington.

 A while back I was thinking about buying a mountain bike.   The one I was  looking at cost 2000 dollars.  I thought to myself that is an awful lot of money for a bike.  Maybe I should give the money to charity instead.  But then the bike maker would be out of business.  The charity of choice would be thus titled “Poor out of work BikeMaker Fund”.  Mmmmm…..I decided to cut the useless greedy do-gooder charity middle man out and buy directly from the bike makers.

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