Not sure if this is vaporware or not:

INRESOL AB in Sweden have developed the first real 'Peoples Generator'. The GENIOUS™ Stirling generator is a high power 10kW Stirling engine that is 'portable' and utilizes a multi fuel burner, meaning you can use many kinds of fuel from wood pellets, olive husks, coconut shells to natural gas to power the engine. Th CHP Stirling engine gives an electrical output of a continuous 5kW with a peak load coverage of 10kW, and a thermal output of up to 17kW for your heating needs. The GENIOUS™ is also equipped with embedded internet cloud connection so that as the user you can monitor your engines efficiency or even connect to a virtual power grid.

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Prof. Von Firstenberg MonsterID Icon Prof. Von Firstenberg · December 9, 2018 at 4:13 pm

Butt does it make fudge?!!!

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