DSL Bonded Pair

These are my notes on how the wires are connected to the jack in an ATT bonded pair DSL connection to modem router. When you need to move your modem router you might have to remove the connector on the end of the wire coming into the modem because it passes through a wall or floor. You could cut off the connector off to pass the cable down through the hole in the floor. After careful inspection I realized I could carefully note where the wires are and then remove them from the connector where the blades cut into the insulation The following photo is the connector as setup by the install technician.

I will try reusing the connecter after the move but as a back up I have the old faithful version below:


By looking at how the wires that mate to the connector are bent alternately bottom / top you can see that left to right on the connector as shown in the photo is white / black / red / green / yellow / blue.   That means I would used black / red / green / yellow to recreate the connections above.  It would connect as follows:


  • Brown   —————————black
  • Green Stripe———————red
  • Green —————————–green
  • Brown Stripe ——————-yellow

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Krissy MonsterID Icon Krissy · October 16, 2021 at 10:19 am

What does the little square picture in corner of girls represent ??? 🤔 BECAUSE IM NOT SURE WHAT IT HAS TO DO WITH THIS ??? 

Fudgy McFarlen MonsterID Icon Fudgy McFarlen · October 29, 2021 at 8:04 pm

Is web experiment in driving traffic

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