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Deal JuJitsu Carlos Coquet Computer Maverick and the Sale of the Osborn Like XT

Monday, May 26th, 2008

In 1992 I bought out a computer school.  For the total of 1500 dollars I got -1- a bunch of computer desks, chairs -2- television projection units ( an ancient version of DLP ) -3- washer / dryer -4- a couple of computers -5- god knows what else xt-pc-portable-osborn-like-case.jpg

This was one of the computers This was my first deal where I was trying to make a buck on my own.  So I ended up with all this stuff piled up in the garage and now needed to sell it!  One of the more memorable encounters selling this stuff was with Carlos Coquet the Computer Maverick. carlos-r-coquet.jpg      Carlos' business card.  Colorful character, colorful card He called up and got directions.  He was driving from North Scottsdale to Litchfield Park Arizona.  It took him about 50 minutes to drive there.  I had listed the computer for 120 dollars but he did what everyone tries to do when they buy secondhand…they try to finagle a lower price.  Carlos: I am looking at this computer and I think I could not possibly pay more than 80$ for it. Me: Well … I have another guy coming to see it tomorrow night.  If he does not buy it then you can come back and buy it. Carlos: Ooohhh the drive here was so long.  Alright I will give you the 120. Me: chuckling inside and thinking..there was not another person coming to look at the computer.  But finally the endless ripping I had been sustaining as a novice seller had come to an end.  I had finally learned a little deal jujitsu.

Sonofa! After receiving the comment below regarding calling the number I googled Carlos and found his website:

… I still do not exactly know what a computer maverick is but that is 95% of the fun.

UPDATE:  As you will see below a couple of people below have reported Carlos has passed away.   Some commenters had criticized me for placing his card here with his information.  I no longer have any self doubt about this.  My heart is warmed by the people who left comments regarding his passing and how they miss him.  It's interesting how the really good people can pass through your life very rapidly and leave a trace that in the end increased my humanity.  Carlos we miss you.