Beware the liberals are watching!

Please note the CarbonCaptureReport is watching you!  Yes the lefty liberals who preach against religion then proselytize for Gaia are at their eco NAZI tricks everyday without pause.  They monitor attitudes in regards their misguided idiocy with this website.  This blog is rated there here . Interesting how those who Read more…

By Fudgy McFarlen, ago

Long Lost Timothy Treadwell Death Audio

Timothy Treadwell was killed when videotaping and interaction between him and a bear.  The mauling and consumption was off camera but the audio has recently been released. The long lost Timothy Treadwell death audio is here:  Timothy-Treadwell-Death-Audio.mp3  — The salad tossing gone horribly wrong. The tragic death of the Nick’s Read more…

By Fudgy McFarlen, ago