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Arctic Temperature Data by Year Compared with Average

Sunday, May 21st, 2017

It's nothing global warmers are going to want to look at.  Daily Mean Temperatures in the Arctic 1958 – 2017

Deep sea crab gets a shock as he mistakes methane bubbles for food

Tuesday, December 20th, 2016

Self evident

Saturday, December 21st, 2013


Black and white portion of this gif is from 1871.

Beware the liberals are watching!

Saturday, September 3rd, 2011

Please note the CarbonCaptureReport is watching you!  Yes the lefty liberals who preach against religion then proselytize for Gaia are at their eco NAZI tricks everyday without pause.  They monitor attitudes in regards their misguided idiocy with this website.  This blog is rated there here


Interesting how those who shout the loudest about freedom of expression are the first to try to suppress it when you do not agree with them.  Global Warming is a hoax!   Will check back soon to see if I was able to move the needles on my gauges!

Video: German rap video about climate change fraud

Thursday, July 14th, 2011

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Video: Broken Rainbow – If you trust government you should watch this video

Friday, May 28th, 2010

Do you trust government?   

Do you think Rand Paul was wrong when he said the civil rights act of 1964 theoretically goes too far when it bans discrimination in a private business?  If you do then you are substantively against private property rights.   Keep that in mind as you watch Broken Rainbow.  Had the Navaho and Hopi been treated according to the morality and legal philosophy of a libertarian they would have been compensated for their land.   Instead we played by the rules of the Neofeudalist class.   Since Navaho and Hopi did not have many votes to offer they were run over.   By not believing in private property and libertarianism you open the door to all manner of "sharp operators".  Many of whom end up in the United States Government.


Note when watching this video that the left romanticize primitive cultures and would have you believe several obviously false things.  They would have you believe had the native americans not been hoodwinked by actors in the U.S. Government and Peabody coal that they would have refused to allow mining on their land.  This is a tall assumption.   A more plausible reality is that the price paid by Peabody and company would have risen to market value and the Navaho and Hopi would have sold out sooner or later. 

The left sees opportunity in people treated shabbily.  However their eyes are always on making names for themselves or opening new territories in legal standing and representation.  This is not unlike opening wide open frontier land with little competition.  What would you expect? So many of them are lawyers.  If they do not see a chance for recovering on your claim you will get very little love from them.

Climate Research Unit Emails in searchable form

Wednesday, November 25th, 2009

See them here

Apparent Fraud by the High Priests of Global Warming

Monday, November 23rd, 2009

A fellow mentioned in this video is Jonathan Overpeck.  He is at the University of Arizona – Department of Geosciences.  He is the fellow who mentioned in the global warming fraud emails that they needed to get rid of the medieval warming period.

  I googled him and just for interests sake and found his email = .  What ever you do…do not email him asking him to modify the weather for upcoming events in the future.   He can only change past weather.

Long Lost Timothy Treadwell Death Audio

Friday, February 20th, 2009

Timothy Treadwell was killed when videotaping and interaction between him and a bear.  The mauling and consumption was off camera but the audio has recently been released.

The long lost Timothy Treadwell death audio is here:  Timothy-Treadwell-Death-Audio.mp3  — The salad tossing gone horribly wrong.

The tragic death of the Nick’s Pansy Farm alumni and repressed flamer queen occurred in Alaska.  It was grizzly man.

Oh if only more flaming lefties could go get themselves eaten by bears! You environmentalists should all take this as an object lesson. If you really care about the polar bears reduce your carbon footprint by turn yourself into bear feces:  Treadwell told bear scientists he welcomed death by bear. He said it would be an honor to be killed, eaten and rendered bear scat. Had National Park Service rangers not killed the bear that ate him, he would have gotten his wish.   He would crawl on his hands and knees up to bears while chanting "I love you", or singing, or reading poetry.   How beautiful.  Munch.  King of the Bipolar Bear lovers.

When does science become religion?

Sunday, December 21st, 2008

Evolution.  All well and good.  I am an atheist.  I  believe in evolution.  Why?  Because I see the clues all around me.  It makes sense.  I have empiric data.  I have not relied solely on a list of mighty names in science to convince myself.  You are better not to have an opinion than to accept evolution at face value if you do not understand science, object oriented programming, mathematics and / or engineering. 

Why would this be true?   This is true because adhering to science without your own internal mechanisms is to turn science into a religion and the mighty names into the high priests of that religion.  This is how farsical scams like global warming get perpetrated.  And thus we waste precious scientific resources on investigating what is clearly a scam to people with internal scientific methods.