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Beware the liberals are watching!

Saturday, September 3rd, 2011

Please note the CarbonCaptureReport is watching you!  Yes the lefty liberals who preach against religion then proselytize for Gaia are at their eco NAZI tricks everyday without pause.  They monitor attitudes in regards their misguided idiocy with this website.  This blog is rated there here


Interesting how those who shout the loudest about freedom of expression are the first to try to suppress it when you do not agree with them.  Global Warming is a hoax!   Will check back soon to see if I was able to move the needles on my gauges!

Video: German rap video about climate change fraud

Thursday, July 14th, 2011

Research Links

Climate Research Unit Emails in searchable form

Wednesday, November 25th, 2009

See them here

Apparent Fraud by the High Priests of Global Warming

Monday, November 23rd, 2009

A fellow mentioned in this video is Jonathan Overpeck.  He is at the University of Arizona – Department of Geosciences.  He is the fellow who mentioned in the global warming fraud emails that they needed to get rid of the medieval warming period.

  I googled him and just for interests sake and found his email = .  What ever you do…do not email him asking him to modify the weather for upcoming events in the future.   He can only change past weather.

When does science become religion?

Sunday, December 21st, 2008

Evolution.  All well and good.  I am an atheist.  I  believe in evolution.  Why?  Because I see the clues all around me.  It makes sense.  I have empiric data.  I have not relied solely on a list of mighty names in science to convince myself.  You are better not to have an opinion than to accept evolution at face value if you do not understand science, object oriented programming, mathematics and / or engineering. 

Why would this be true?   This is true because adhering to science without your own internal mechanisms is to turn science into a religion and the mighty names into the high priests of that religion.  This is how farsical scams like global warming get perpetrated.  And thus we waste precious scientific resources on investigating what is clearly a scam to people with internal scientific methods.

Global Warming Mushrooms OR Parody that writes itself

Thursday, November 6th, 2008

The fight against climate warming has an unexpected ally in mushrooms growing in dry spruce forests covering Alaska, Canada, Scandinavia and other northern regions, a new UC Irvine study finds. 


                                                             Global Warming Magic Mushrooms.

Global warming would be the funniest joke ever where the perpetrators of it not trying to scam you out of everything precious in your life.   That would be liberty.  The control over your destiny.  Wake up.  They want to keep you like pets. Feed you a tiny scrap of human food when you are good and rub your nose in doodoo when you think an unregulated thought.  But as we know liberals like cats.  So I hope you like cat food.

Global Warming Head Scarves

Friday, August 15th, 2008

I hereby make a proposal no man made global warming advocate can argue with.  We should all be forced to wear global warming headscarves until carbon based energy is eliminated.  Why would you not agree?  Its getting hotter.  We need to protect the populace from heat stroke due to the sun.   Also we can weed out the deniers for penalty by watching who does not wear their head scarf.

Only the deniers will not wear them!

The Coming Carbon Free Dark Age

Tuesday, July 15th, 2008

It appears that democracy is inversely proportional to carbon usage.  Thus global warming activists are unwittingly bringing a dark age about by diminishing carbon usage.  We need to subsidize carbon usage now before its a total dictatorship.

Tesla Electric car as metaphor for alternative energy sources

Wednesday, July 9th, 2008

Alot of jackasses are currently running around saying we can use alternative energy to find our way out of the current problems due to the crashing dollar / oil price upward spiral.  I do not doubt that less than 30 years from now we will be largely using other sources of oil.  However as of today we are still using alot of oil.   If allowed to transition on its own schedule things should be relatively painless.  If forced by stupid bans on coastal drilling it can be very very painful.  

Lest you have any doubts regarding the transition you should read the following article regarding Tesla electric car development.   Let’s just say the PR on this has been bright and rosy.   A bit of a contrast with the story told here:  

Mr Toads wild ride AKA The Tesla spin out    Note the following:

  • Mr Elon Musk botched the body work – modifying the body to make the car easier for a pregnant woman to get out of is just plain dumb.  If you are rich enough to want the trinket you are rich enough to get your but out of the car.
  • Insisting on a transmission in the car is dumb.  These people want a workable electric car as a badge of honor.  Transmissions are very lossy.  It will curtail the range.  Nice as it might be to go 130 in this car it will be even nicer to be able to use the car.  A transmission directly hits usability.
  • Mr Musk is obviously strong on software and has not done alot of hardware development.  The key lesson of experience is get out the first product as fast as possible.  You bleed money out your eyes, nose and ears when doing hardware in a way no software guy can understand until he sees it first hand.
  • Mr Musk is appears to be dabbling.  To try to do SpaceX at the same time doing Tesla motors is crazy.  Pick one or the other.  To try to do both is dabbling of the highest order.
  • And rather than use the fiberglass body panels from the Elise that Eberhard had suggested, Musk insisted on carbon fiber, a lighter, stronger, and "cooler" material, in his opinion. He then went on to redesign the headlights and the door latches.   More hardware craziness!  Incredible amounts of time to get it right.
  • Several missed launch dates support my suppositions.
  • GM has a large team working on the Chevy Volt….is it possible that Elon has a big ego ??  Duh! 

In short developing hardware demands a degree of humility mixed with uncomprimised testosterone induced ego.  Yes I know it sounds strange but its true but believe me I know.  I am a design engineer and the smallest of jobs requires the attention of a circus juggler with 5 chainsaws in the air at full buzz!

One final point about the alternative energy angle.  Notice that the elite rich are going to get the 100 Tesla cars produced.  If it were not for the good old fashioned gasoline cars we normal folk would be stuck on shanks mares.  If we do not watch out we’ll find ourselves stuck unable to afford energy to drive our machines whilst the rich liberals drink tea with their pinky’s out in their 100,000 dollar plus cars.

Its becoming obvious we need to buy more time with offshore drilling as the people working on hybrid cars are working themselves to death. LITERALLY.

Global Warming Challenge Part IV : Build Al Gores Ark

Monday, July 7th, 2008

Global warming challenge part #5 – Build this free floating man made island and start living on it .  Surely the land will be swallowed up by rising oceans. 

Its best you get started building your Al Gores Ark.   You need to err on the side of caution! Start now!

Make sure to place every  freaky species of liberal con artist on it so you can repopulate the continents after the oceans subside. It will be a paradise!  No one will have to work.  You can simply all just tax each other and subsidize your living to the Nth degree.

Remember its important you walk the talk because otherwise people might start thinking global warming is not happening.  That it is only an anti-human hoax designed to grab phenomenal amounts of power to control societies by choking energy supplies to them. You would not want that you happen would you?