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Old Fashioned German Bean Soup Cooking

Tuesday, March 14th, 2017

Open Cola

Tuesday, October 20th, 2015

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Sauteed Onions with Cilantro Salad

Friday, June 5th, 2015

I have been eating a lot of bread with olive oil and cheese lately.  The groceries here in Brazil have a freshly baked bread that is pretty good.  I like to eat it with a salad but the onions in my salad seem to add little flavor and serve more as decoration or a method where in I can say I am not just eating lettuce.  Thus I was stimulated to make the onions do more.


  • Sautee onions with olive oil.  When translucent add a sprinkle of cilantro.  Then let cool.
  • Put sauteed onions on top of lettuce and add lemon juice and all the oil from your pan.

This changed eating my salads from a chore into a real pleasure.

Castleberry Botulin Chile Recipe ala Can from Costco

Wednesday, October 29th, 2008

About a year ago I received a letter stating I had purchased some Castelberry CattleDrive Chili at Costco that may have had botulin toxin in it.   Shortly before receiving this letter I had a migraine headache with bright spots in my field of vision.  This only happens when I get sick or if I eat something bad.  Well turns out after I recovered in a day there were no further flu like symptoms.

I wrote them a letter asking them to compensate me.  I did this more probably to inform them than I did in expectation of actually getting any money.

Now a year later I thought it was a one time deal.  I figured that they would have their ship in shape.  The price of the chili is about a buck a can so its hard to ignore.  Its not such a good deal when you factor in the botulin toxin.   Shortly after eating this chili again I got a repeat of last years symtoms.

Thus I council staying away from the CattleDrive Chili.  My opinion is there is something amiss!

An article on the 2007 incident where it details how some people were severely affected.

Berry Yogurt Delight Shake Whip Smoothie

Tuesday, October 28th, 2008

I am a single man and I eat like it.  I need easy to make recipes.  This one is fantastic especially after a run.

  • Measure out frozen fruit berry meddly into a tall glass – about 1.5 cups worth
  • Draw an amount of water on top of the fruit till the level is a little above the fruit – let this sit while you are grabbing a container of yogurt out of the fridge
  • Add a single portion container of fruit flavored yogurt to your blender – my fav is blueberry
  • pour the water / fruit into the blender
  • Add a banana if you want – ( try it both ways ! )

Whip up the mixture as little as possible.  The seeds in the raspberries get broken you’ll have a seedy concoction.  I blend it very little and use minimum speed settings.

Just had one of these after a 2.5 mile run while I am sitting breathing oxygen from my oxygen concentrator.  Oooh baby.  This is good.

BTW: You will find that your bowel movements the next day are more healthy.  I know TMI but its true.

Hat Tip to Eric who turned me on to the recipe.

Eat Hot Chili Peppers like Jalopena or Habaneros to increase athletic performance and feel better

Friday, May 23rd, 2008

If I want to run a long distance or go up Squaw Peak I try to remember to thin my blood before going. This allows more rapid flow of the blood with the same cardio effort. Thus you find you do not lose your breath as easily. Red wine is good for this as well as hot peppers. The hot peppers have the added benefit that they stimulate endorphins and make starting that much easier because you do not feel the pains of starting intensely. Even if you are not going to exercise the hot peppers are a great way to feel better.


One of the better recipes is to just use small slices on nachos with cheese. Oh and by the way.  The ones in the grocery stores are no where near as hot as the ones I've grown at home in Arizona.  The flavor of homegrown are better too.  Store bought tend to have a subtle dirt flavor that is unappealing.

Bread with Cheese, Dried Tomatos and Salame

Thursday, May 22nd, 2008


The bread is from a really good padaria near here. In the morning I get up and ride my bike to the mercado.  I pick up what I want for breakfast and ride home.  Talk about stress free living. The cheese is "colonial" and is fresh and alive yet.  The dried tomatoes have a great sweet taste with herbs.  Put it all together with some salamie and you know why I think its great to be alive!

Brazilian Beef from the edge of the South American Texas

Sunday, May 18th, 2008

Beef from the south of South America is great.  I can tell you after eating this its very hard to stomach even the idea of eating beef in Phoenix,Az.

Some things I’ve noticed….my finger nails are much more thick and smooth now that I am eating this quality protein on a regular basis.  The cuticles are not nearly as irritated as when I am in the USA.  brazilian-beef-from-edge-of-south-american-texas.JPG

The pieces on the right look alot like tuna because there is not much fat in this beef.  Its easy to sense from various physiological clues that this beef is by far more healthy to eat.   As a side issue you should see the hair of the women here.  Part of the hair issue is genetics and part is the quality proteins easily available.  The above pictured 1/2 pound of beef cost about 3 USD.  Needless to say I do not go longer than 2 days without a dose.

I love the USA but there are some obvious problems with the food there.  Agribusiness is trying to squeeze every last dollar out of their products.  Quality is quite obviously far down the ranking list of important issues.  Its more important than just about any other "environmental" issue.  But people are so in a daze because of their irritated lifestyles that their enfeebled minds grasp on to the hoax that is global warming

Here me now believe me later:  Breathing clean air and eating quality proteins leads to sleeping like a baby at night.  Sleeping like a baby at night leads to a very sharp and crisp mind.

Adult Koolaid made of Jasmine Tea Sunny Delight and Cranberry Juice

Wednesday, April 9th, 2008

Ever notice you want your cup of coffee everyday? Think its because you like the taste? Think again. I was on a habit of 1 strong cup of coffee everyday for quite some time.  At some point I started drinking alot of green tea. At some later point I realized that that I had forgotten to have a cup of coffee for everyday in the last 6 weeks.  Your body has subliminal habits ingrained more deeply than you possibly know. Thus if you want to stop your coffee habit first substitute a tea based caffeine habit.  The best recipe for flavor is the following: 1- fill a glass up with cold Jasmine tea that has been made to suit your tastes. 2- add a dollup of Sunny Delight ( probably the only legitimate use of Sunny Dee there is! Who would drink this stuff straight?? ) 3- add a dollup of cranberry juice. You’ll be surprised at the sublime aeromatic nature of the flavor. You may drink it to excess and get a little agitated.  However in the process you can easily substitute this tea completely for the coffee you have been drinking.  If you want to completely kick your caffeine habit you can then start drinking less tea. Since tea has a calmative in addition to the caffeine it appears to me to be much easier to quite than the rough edged cousin coffee.