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Baron Trumps Marvelous Underground Journey – by Ingersoll Lockwood

Monday, July 24th, 2017

This could be a hoax but it is a marvelously designed one if so. Perhaps a more accurate term would be a well designed literary meme.

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Archive.Org: Baron Trump's Marvelous Underground Journey


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1900 or The Last President  – free download of in all forms of document reader

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An Atheists Prayer

Tuesday, May 11th, 2010

Dear Lord please let these bailouts fail soon.  
My fellow humans are selling out their liberty for comfort promised by politicians  
delivered through use of a money bazooka. This provides results as  
cold and empty as a witches tit but yet they persist as any amount of suffering  
in the name of liberty has been decided to be too much.  
Thus I ask you dear lord to let these bail outs fail. Whether they be  
the USA, China or Europe. Visit corrections upon the markets and deliver us  
from market distortion. Let spendthrift governments collaborating in a cross  
border ponzi scheme fail and fall. Let gift of ability to smile in the face of adversity be  
returned to mankind. We know that is what it will take to get through this time  
without losing our freedom. In your truth you know that only the purgative  
of collapse will exorcise the spirit of ponzi and the politicians lust for borrowed money.  
And finally dear lord please spare the lives of millions when the bailouts  
fail and politicians cast about for means to stay in office begin to start wars.

Seeds of a rapid boom bust depression are being sown

Wednesday, November 5th, 2008

The next boom / bust cycle is already in the cards.  Our wizards of smart politicians in Washington D.C. have insured that with a tanker load of fiat issued scrit paper money.  So what is my prediction? It goes like this

  1. Next year … 2009 will be a very slow year for business.  More bank failures.
  2. Some time in 2010 probably late in the year the economy will start to pick up
  3. mid 2011 the economy will pick up steam.  It will start a powerful wave of inflation ( just as the politicians want! )  This wave of buying will beget more buying as people race to buy in as momentum takes everything higher.  You won’t have any actual more value in your hand for your assets.  You will just have cash that is worth less because of the inflation.
  4. The consumer will die out promptly …….more quickly than even this time round in 2008.
  5. The next bust will be even bigger.  The government will have less power to affect outcomes.  Foreign nations twice burnt will swear off investing in the USA
  6.  The amplitude of the swings have been getting bigger each time we cycle through.  
  7. Quite possibly the next downturn will be a depression because of the increasing amplitude.  This will happen because of 2 factors. #1 is that people’s spending power will be decreased. Savings having been devalued so by passage of time with severe inflation.  #2 Interpersonal trust will be so corroded from the debasement of the currency.  People will feel this on an unconscious level because of the corrosion of value of savings / currency
  8. The politicians of the left will like it because we’ll all be reduced to feeding out of the palm of their hand. A mere whimper on their part and  you will be left to starve on your own for not being an upright socialist.

Washington politicians can put up with anything except the possibility of losing power.  And you keep electing so many of the same ones over and over.

There will be war – Most likely

Friday, August 1st, 2008

Oil prices are now falling due to the world going into a recession.   Iran is economically on the edge.   Iran and company will start a war to increase the price of oil.   Mark my words on this date August 1, 2008.

The Oil Energy Situation has our Economy on Collision Course with Recession

Wednesday, May 21st, 2008

This is a graph of the price of oil since 1947: history-of-oil-prices.gif