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It is not a economic depression until the Condom Recycling begins

Friday, December 19th, 2008

The following is a true story told to me by my father.  In my fathers neighborhood there was a guy who he thought would stop at nothing to make money during the depression.  It was said this man would fish out used rubbers at the sewer plant.  He would then wash them and place them on broom poles to dry them out .  When dry he would package them up and sell them. 

On a related note how do you recycle a condom?

A few saying during the 30’s went as follows: 

    Times are bad and we  have to jack off the dog to feed the cat

    Need a job? –  The fellow would say   YES YES!!   And the trickster would reply   They have jobs down at krogers picking fly shit out black pepper

    Or alternatively the trickster would reply   Down at the bakery stick your ass out the window yell double loaf

Tires for your car were hard enough to come by that tricksters would go to where there was a cliff by a road and place a tire on a rope next to the road.  When a person would stop to pick up the tire they would reel it in and laugh.

Milk was delivered on the porch of houses in that era.   Sometimes there would be milk thieves.    People would put crotan oil in it and you almost immediately start crapping.  If you drank the milk on the spot at the victims porch there would be a trail of crap back to your house.

So when people bandy about the idea we might be in or be going into an economic depression remember one thing.  It has to get much much worse before that is true.


Why the Martin Luther King Holiday was opposed in Arizona

Sunday, September 7th, 2008

More than 20 years ago Arizona did not have an MLK day.  This is simple to explain as I was here at the time the issue was debated.  Arizona state employees like many other state employees have more days off than they work.  ( slight hyperbole …. but not much! ).    It was suggested at the time that they state employees give up another holiday in trade for the MLK day.  Of course being that they are unionized thugs they would not accept this and they used the excuse that MLK was worthy of his own day.   However that was not disputed.  They just greedily wanted yet another day off and would not comprimise.

In the end the issue was resolved illegally by then governor Babbitt who by established the holiday by fiat.  Nevermind that subverting rule of law and democracy is even more important than MLK could ever be as it is the only substrate that MLK could have worked in.  China would merely have sent him to a work camp.

The Gus Hall Dossier – The Drollest Communist

Tuesday, August 26th, 2008

I remember watching Gus Hall on one of the UHF channels near Youngstown Ohio when I was a child.  Gus lived in the Youngstown area for quite a long time.  His show would come on and he would groan on in a way most boring to a child.  In contrast I remember how Reagan caught and kept my attention when he narrated "Death Valley Days" prior to being elected governor.  Even then I could tell on some visceral physical level the difference between a socialist and a capitalist.  Socialist don’t seem to have much of a sense of humor.  I wonder if there is a tendency towards basic chemical depression in socialists. 

                                                           Does not appear creative, witty or comical

I am currently searching for video of him to prove my point that Howard Dean and he share some subtle demeanor.  After all they are both communists.   I found a page here with video that might have a sliver of him on it.

Note the title of his book:  Ecology: Can We Survive Under Capitalism?

Its all about how we capitalist class are killing the world.  Never mind that we are all a member of the capitalist class whether we like it or not and only leave it upon death.  But then these environMENTAL cases do an advocate environmental death lottery.

If you want to see a load of doo doo Google the title of Gus’s book.    Notice all the stuff about radical ecology where YOU are the criminal.  With ecology as their basis the radicals can do anything they want !   All that much better than picking on people because they are Jewish. You might run out of Jews.  But with radical environmentalism you never run out of people to demonize.  See someone you don’t like?  They must be eco-criminals!