Download Thunderbird email client

Donate if you want to. The page looks intimidating like you must donate. But you do not have to.

Pick a location to download to that you can find

Run the installer you downloaded

Choose the standard install unless you have a good reason not to and are knowledgeable about the choices you will need to make.

Installer will run and entertain you with a progress bar.

Put in any NAME you want.  Then use an EMAIL / PASSWORD combination you already have and want to be able to use encryption with.  

Alternatively you could create a new email address almost where ever you want and return to this form and enter the EMAIL / PASSWORD combination.

After clicking continue Thunderbird will try to authenticate your credentials and if successful will get the email server configuration so it can set the software up to work with the email account automatically.  You can see the results below.

If everything worked correctly you will be informed the account was created successfully.  There are a few other setup choices you can make on this form. This article is specifically just how to set up a minimal configuration and then go straight to encryption settings.

Notice the END TO END ENCRYPTION.  You can get to the settings for encryption from there or use the upper right menu.

To get to this form go to the 3 horizontal lines at the upper right hand corner of the form.  

  • Click on the 3 lines
  • Click on END TO END ENCRYPTION     ( criptografia de ponta a ponta )

The form below should be more or less what you see. However frequent updates may result in it being somewhat different.   

RSA encryption uses a public and a private key.  Anyone who wants to send you an encrypted email needs your public key.   Only you can decrypt the message after it has been encrypted with your public key.  Your private key is required to decrypt the message.

The first part of setting up encryption is to creat this PUBLIC, PRIVATE key pair.  

Click on Add Key


Select that you want to create an OpenPGP key pair

My preference is RSA key of size 4096 that does not expire

Confirm you want to generate the key pair

After your key pair is generated you can use the OpenPGP Key Manager to export and import keys.  

In order to test your configuration you should export your public key as a file and send it to a friend who also has Thunderbird encryption.  They can then send you an email that is encrypted using your key to test your configuration is correct.




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