Chloroquine is a potent inhibitor of SARS coronavirus infection and spread

4-23-2020:  People are finally realizing this plandemic is a hoax / scam / power grab.  Figures are boiling down to that this bug has a mortality rate of about the same as a seasonal flu.  You can see the opinions changing on ZeroHedge's comment section.  People who were true believers are becoming doubtful.

  • EuroMomo – Shows death rate per country.  The graphs all show more or less normal death rates per the years which are on the worse side. This year being very comparable to 2017 in terms of numbers of deaths.

The video below is in pole position because it estimates death rate from controlled population samples where the "no symptom" number is included. Summary:  Death rate is about the same as seasonal flu / colds. 

Perspectives on the Pandemic | Dr John Ioannidis of Stanford University | Interview

This video uses a few different highly controlled populations where good solid numbers can be pulled. The Youtube direct link is

Youtube: Perspectives on the Pandemic | Dr John Ioannidis of Stanford University | Interview

Case #1:  the cruise ship numbers where everyone was heavily exposed. Excellent control of the numbers is highly likely therefore.  The people on the ship had an average age of 58 and the age / sex of everyone on the boat is known. Thus you an age adjust the mortality rate to calculate a good estimate of death rate in the entire population of the USA.  From the video:

Age / sex adjusted population for the USA is approximately 0.1%.  

So the numbers are similar to cold / flu numbers.  One could even say it was just the flu and worst case I do not think you are going to be far off.  

Case#2Iceland where they have very good record keeping.   Death rate = 0.03% 

Case #3Vo, Italy – Everyone in the city has been tested:  Num_Tested =3300. Infection rate= 3% Even with correction rate for Italy the death rate comes in at 1% which is on the order of seasonal influenza.  Average age of person who dies in Italy == 81 years of age.

3-29-2020: Dr Fauci has come out with an estimate of 100k to 200k people dead.  Ok so assuming 200k dead ……….that's like normal flu.season.

  • Total_P0pulation_USA == 320*10^6
  • Mortality( Fauci guess – Worst Case ) = 200*10^3 / 320*10^6 = 0.0625 %     

Explaining the Italian mortality rates.

Break down of best guess of what is happening – In the interest of transparency I will not remove any assessments but rather add another line if I update my assessment.

  • 3-17-20: Due to what looks like willful scare mongering I now think of the media portrayal as 100% pysop. It's about getting Trump and fleecing stock shareholders. Also about a huge dose of bailout money.  The banks learned in 2009 that they could do much better by blackmailing the government / people.  Memorable / Meme'able events are being put forward.  The great toilet paper craze for example. Bat in a hot tub soup for another
  • 3-17-20: Severity of the actual disease appears to be no where near the case made by the press.  See first hand description of 3 cruise ship passengers below.
  • 3-27-20: Numbers are in for 3 populations that are controlled enough to get solid numbers.  Death rate is about the same as seasonal flu / colds at 0.1% with some tolerance of course.  See above video: Perspectives on the Pandemic | Dr John Ioannidis of Stanford University | Interview

Psychological Operation Notes and TakeAways

  • Key feature of a psyop is to use memorable AKA meme-able imagery. Bat in a hot tub soup work for you?  How about toilet paper brawls between extremely fat women?  In their defense they do have a lot of bum to wipe.
  • The whole psyop was cover for this latest bail out.  They had to work the entire world not just the domestic market this time
  • See Disgust Response section below


Disgust Response Usage to engage Unwitting Alt Media Involvement in the Psyop

 This psychological operation was engineered to appeal to the higher disgust response of conservatives.  As per Jordan Peterson:  Youtube: Jordan Peterson Right wingers disgust sensitivity

The long version is quite educational and interesting:   Youtube Jordan Peterson – Disgust Responses

The powers that be needed something that would enlist the alt media because the main stream media shot its wad.    The 911 operation wore out the audience's credulity with the Deep State. You have to give it to them their pysch department knows what it is doing. For the lefties in this pysop as you know it requires no convincing because they love government as they appear to be on a never ending search to reenter the womb in an unthinking way and be perpetually held there in repose by a loving government.

From the first video:

Situational reminders of the importance of physical cleanliness, such as asking participants to wipe their hands with antiseptic wipes, tend to increase self reported political conservatism.

Research Links



YouTube: Video of older cruise ship couple describing their symptoms from start to finish ~70 years of age

LocalCopy: Video of older cruise ship couple describing their symptoms from start to finish ~70 years of age


Guy compares number of Italian city obituaries pages in newspaper from early february with march

If representative — many older people are dying of this. But then it's a large city and I have not seen the same thing for a standard flu or cold.


CBC Radio – Cross Country Checkup, March 15 2020

If you look at the data for what we are actually dealing with, I want to give this example. In Hubei, in the province of Hubei, where there has been the most cases and deaths by far, the actual number of cases reported is 1 per 1000 people and the actual rate of deaths reported is 1 per 20,000. So maybe that would help to put things into perspective, as to the actual rate and risks of this condition, because it is a lot lower in any other part of the world, including Italy, and certainly in Canada and the United States…


Coincidence or Otherwise you be the judge

  • February 15, 2018: H7N4 bird flu. Sickened at least 1,600 people in China and killed more than 600. Many chickens killed. China needs to purchase US poultry products.
  • June, 2018: H7N9 bird flu. Many chickens killed. China needs to purchase US poultry products.
  • August, 2018: outbreak of African swine flu. Same strain as Russia, from Georgia. Millions of pigs killed. China needs to purchase US pork products.
  • May 24, 2019: massive infestation of armyworms in 14 province-level regions in China, which destroy most food crops. Quickly spread to more than 8,500 hectares of China’s grain production. They produce astonishing numbers of eggs. China needs to purchase US agricultural products – corn, soybeans.
  • December, 2019: Coronavirus appearance puts China’s economy on hold.
  • January, 2020: China is hit by a “highly pathogenic” strain of bird flu in Hunan province. Many chickens died, many others killed. China needs to purchase US poultry products.

Germ Warfare Links

There is no strategy available that would be effective

For those of you who think this shit can be locked down:

And remember with an exponential system response 1 is as good as 100 since 1 grows to 100 in very small amount of time. 

Remember sheeple:  Get oodles of toilet paper.  No job is done until the paperwork is completed. 1 person sneezes and 100 people shit themselves.

Google: Coronavirus disease 2019 symtoms

People may experience:

  • runny nose
  • sore throat
  • cough
  • fever
  • difficulty breathing (severe cases)
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