I just read this line in yet another global warming manifesto disguised as a news article:

Such a scheme is already being used experimentally by California and northeastern US states, while pressure for change is coming also from US Christian elders who argue that God entrusted the Earth to man’s stewardship.

Christian elders ???  Do we live on Endor ?  Do robed wise men guide our society?  Is Gandalf advising the democrats?There is no problem with marijuana and it should be legal.  However I want to state here and now that you should reconsider all ideas that came to you while you were high after you are back to normal mode.  Got it ? 

The difference between liberals and conservatives is not whether or not we support legalized marijuana.  Most conservatives if they were not afraid of what others would think of them would say they support legalization.  Most conservatives I know smoked pot in their previous lives.  The difference is that liberals believe and act on the bad ideas they get while they are high.  Not all the ideas are bad but many are.  How else can you explain Al Gore ?

What is a weirdo anyway?  If you are Thomas Edison and you have a new idea that does not fit with the past are you weirdo? Clearly not.   However if you glaum onto one erroneous idea after another and in a fashion that can only be described as OCD keep harping on them that can make you appear eccentric.  After a point if you keep going, you really ARE eccentric.  While the profit / power motive explains many of the dems / lib policies that is no shield.  You’re still a weirdo if you push global warming as much as Al Gore has.  Its akin to Whitley Striber and the chrome butt probe alien abduction crowd.  Whitley probably made alot of money from his COMMUNION book but that doesn’t stop it from being a tad on the odd side to make your living from claiming to having received alien proctological exams in a flying saucer.  If you are reading this and you are longing for a chrome butt probing from aliens I suggest you too might be a little wierd and probably vote democrat. 

These liberals are a bunch of weirdos.  With the dems taking congress let’s see how long it takes for people to get tired of them.  My take is not too long at this rate.  Its going to be like listening to a mentally unbalanced panhandler in the street.  Amusing and different for a few minutes.  After the novelty wears off it’ll be time to walk fast and get away from the guy with the tin foil hat.

The problem is these tin foil hat brigade members are a bunch of napoleans too!


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