TEOS – Tetra Ethyl Ortho Silicate   is the main ingredient



TEOS Recipe for usage

TEOS Venders


  • SilBond – Yet to find out what TEOS costs. I have a phone call in to SilBond


Interview with George Haig on Silbond products from technical perspective  – For purposes of making refractory and ceramic shapes Silbond 40  ( 40% SiO2 )  was recommended.   Summary of method is as follows:

  • mix SilBond  with the organic amine
  • mix SilBond / Amine with refractory ( sand & ?  … ) ( usually use more than just sand: Zircon flowers, alumina etc ) ( quoted: used for casting jet engine housings and glass handling tools )
  • add water to facilitate
  • pack or vibrate the wet casting – given water and amine you have a given amount of time to get the job done
  • Silbond 40 – Cost =   2.22 / lbs- minimum quanties for 1 drum.  Minimum 150$ min order.  ( Lisa Rally – costing information )

Technical contact

  • Silbond – George Haig


Terms to Google

  • ( ethyl silicate  investment casting  ) – ( ceramic shape )  processes are similar
  • british investment casting institute – BICTA – google this – speaks alot about using ethyl silicates
  • Shaw process for making ceramics shapes and refractory molds  british guy with patent

Shaw Process Notes




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Amine with refractory ( sand & ?  … ) ( usually use more than just sand: Zircon flowers, alumina etc

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