What an idiot. As is often the case in Washington pinheads with huge egos rule.  This wench is going to Syria for “fact finding”.   If you ever have taken a trip anywhere with the intention of getting something done you quickly find out that “getting something done” is an abstract item that’s not as dependent on location as you might imagine.  If you want to learn the language of a country well yes then by all means go to that country and live there for monthes.  But don’t bother going if you want to “find out the Syrian side of things”.  You’ll do a better job of this at home with wikipedia and phone calls.  

Thus Nancy Carposi Pelosi goes to Syria as a way of getting the cone of news illumination upon herself.  Never mind she undermines our policies with regards to them.  You see her presentation would go something like this:  — No one in the administration is talking to Syria, Its about time that for the cause of peace someone talk to them.  This will have as little effect as Jesse N. Jackson going to Cuba.  It will be similarly just as self promotional.  Democrats – the party of show trials / heck, show EVERYTHING and the weak minded fall for it. 

While appearance can be important while trying to get a date its important to realize we’re not dating Syria.  Its a complicated situation which we are trying to wait out rather than go to war over.  But then war is ok to a dem as long as they can wrangle more power out of the situation.  Let’s hope in this internet era that the American people quickly self educate on the processes of power and eliminate these banana republic rulers. Couldn’t Nancy just do what she normally does when she has some extra time on her hands? – Sharpen her nails on a blackboard.


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