Global warming is a farce, con and fraud. 

In spite of this current events show how badly we need the physicists to crack the energy code of the universe.  There are 3 big reasons to get off of oil. Here they are:

  • Big city air is not so good and people will rest better, be more happy and productive if it is cleaned up
  • The trade deficit is killing the dollar
  • The way most governments react to oil money is to become isolated from the people.

I want to expound on point number 3.  If you read the money go round arty here you will understand how governments use oil / energy to control people.  As with all things government apparatchiks find a way to control the masses given enough time.  We need the rate of technology increases of the integrated circuit to occur in the energy industry. 

When apparatiks can not figure out new schemes fast enough to keep up with energy technology they will no longer be able to control the situation!

A rather comical situation has developed with tin foil hat liberals.  They hate oil in a most irrational fashion.  Yet they love taxes.  Yet oil is an integral tax choke point on the money go round.  Thus they are indirectly hating taxes.

TakeAway:  We need an energy source that is difficult for governments to tax.  We can shut down alot of unDemocratic behavior with this.

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