The press and dissidents do not defend freedom.  They exercise their freedom.  The real work is done where the rubber hits the road.  Where the real responsibility and credit for success and failure lie with the collective will of the people.  Some of those people happen to be journalists and dissidents.  The simple fact is that a dead voter is out of the ecosystem.   You can hew to your principles but if not enough people act on the same principles then their effect is negligible.  Therefore all the good things AND the stupidity you see.   So when the press claims to be protecting anything beware.  If its anything other than their information business do not believe it.  Give them the loud Bronx cheer for being so gay as to even say it.  You should get the same feeling about this that you do if you receive spam for elder-porn.  Deep skepticism of the idea formulation, concept and probable success of the idea.

Now go read this story by time magazine. (only enough to apply the above rule )
Arty about the Russians Hit on Dissident    

Like a preening older woman who can’t accept her lost beauty the antique media still flogs this sort of thing.  It suits their drama queen view of the world.  The only difference is this hag was never beautiful. You know the press  see themselves as dissidents.  Put them in an imaginary gulag where the people are not incarcerated but merely ignored.

Oh….by the way that leaves you-know-who minding the store. Make sure you are diligent.   Expect it to be hard work or see your liberty completely ransacked.



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