If you are sane and kill you can get the chair.  Yet if you are crazy and kill you are spared the death sentence.  That makes no sense whatsoever.  The truth is now days these guys on death row can still procreate by artificial means.  Since alot if not most of our propensities and behavoirs are genetically passed onto us by our parents this is really stupid. 

Mental disorders DEFINITELY  run through families.  This is obvious.  

Really think about it.  In the case of Iraq, Ooday and Coosay ( spelling? ) were killed.  What a good thing for the world.  The sociopathic nature of their father, Saddam had been quite effectively passed on to them.  Here miraculously events conspired to result in serendipity.

However with regards to our criminal justice system treating the mentally ill better than the mentally normal makes no sense whatsoever.  These guys are occassionally pardoned, escape or procreate by artificial means.  That is if they are still alive.   At least if the guy is normal maybe his children will have SOME shred of impulse control.

You condemn other wonderful people to death by not killing these nuts when we have a chance because they or their offspring will by the law of large numbers certainly kill again.

On a related topic one has to wonder if the gene pool in the middle east has not been weeded enough.  There seems to be so much sociopathic behavior going on there.  I understand that politicians here in the USA bend the truth a bit. However they are for the vast majority of cases not bending the truth about some savage crime like strapping explosives on a minor and sending them onto a bus.  These things do not happen in the west as much.  It seems that the one or two thousand years of strictly enforced law has weeded out the worst offenders.  Not so in the middle east.


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