Specifications & Measurements

  • Hitch ball size: 1 7/8  or  2 inch ball.
  • Maximum hitch height is specified as 25 inches
  • Measured natural height of trailer hitch ball receiver:  19 inches ground to bottom ( stopped by a U Haul to get this number.  It applies to the hitch seen in the diagram above.  Simpler version without auto safety break will be slightly lower. 
  • Height of the top of the square of my hitch receiver is: 14.5 inches

A rise of about 3 inches would put the hitch at the natural height.  Will use the bigger ball.


Research Links



4way1 4flat-wiring1 

My best guess is that the converter consists of some connections or resisters + connections at a minimum.  Will enter what I find here later.

Auxiliary Links

The trailer hitch design height used worked for a 2100 mile journey.  Grateful that is over.  Two Arizona trips and a trip to Washington D.C.  Ouch.  Now if I could only find a used Uhaul trailer.  I really like this 2 axle trailer.


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