Soaring demand for ethanol could soon make it harder to find corn at the supermarket, according to the Earth Policy Institute. The institute reported that 79 ethanol plants are under construction — enough to double U.S. ethanol production by 2008 in a push to reduce the nation’s dependence on foreign oil.

Alrighty then.  If you did not see this coming you are a citizen and not an engineer. 

It would make alot more sense to use coal to liquid fuel processes.  We have alot of coal and no one is eating it.  

Only the rabid environmentalist and the farmers could like this situation.  Another erosion in quality of life in the USA.  If then did not denature the ethanol it might be considered an improvement.  But NOOOO….The government could not forgo ANY tax of ANY form.  So if you drink any of the ethanol it will poison you.


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