This blog was not loading on my phone, secondary laptop and friend's phone. Inquired with Dreamhost support. They suggested installing the free certificates.

An SSL certificate is a file installed on a website's origin server. It's simply a data file containing the public key and the identity of the website owner, along with other information. Without an SSL certificate, a website's traffic can't be encrypted with TLS.

SSL/TLS uses both asymmetric and symmetric encryption to protect the confidentiality and integrity of data-in-transit. Asymmetric encryption is used to establish a secure session between a client and a server, and symmetric encryption is used to exchange data within the secured session.

Does TLS use AES encryption?  – TLS is a set of industry-standard cryptographic protocols used for encrypting information that is exchanged over the network. AES-256 is a 256-bit encryption cipher used for data transmission in TLS.

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