USPS customs forms for purposes of the following discussions:


    Small customs form                                                                                                                            Large Customs form


Reference links

  • Map of Brazil's Postal retail agencias with phone number, email, address


To get tracking for 1st class international you have to pay about 12 USD more to get registered and with that the tracking is not the greatest.   They will tell you it will track the package through delivery in the destination country.  I did not find this to be not so good.  This 1st class package was sent to a friend in Brazil.  I know the package was successfully received.  Brazilian Correios shows this.  USPS does not.



When shipping to Brazil US Post Office will tell you that you can not buy tracking for Priority International shipping. Turns out that it appears USPS Priority packages with the large customs form can be tracked after they arrive in Brazil using the customs label from the US origin form.  You use the Brazilian post office website to do the tracking.  Here is an example:

The customs form label number when I sent the package here in the USA was:  cp500575666us   Note all spaces should be removed in order to function with the Brazilian correios website .  Enter in the space below:   Rastreamento de objetos  and click on "Buscar"  

Referring below: The flow is as followings:   Customs > CTCI Rio > CTE Benfica Rio > CTE Curritiba > CEE Maringa >  ACCI Cidade Verde ( local post office) > Destinatario  …………. city of RJ is very far from Marina.  Intermediate hub city was used ( Curitiba )

CEE looks to be the business unit that acts as the intermediary between cities.  In this case a trans shipment occurred in Curitiba as the package traveled from city of RJ to Maringa.



EBCT-Empresa Brasileira de Correios e Telégrafos   (  Agencia dos correios cidade verde )

Avenida Mauá, 2298
Maringá – PR, 87050-020, Brazil
(0xx)44 3222-0278



Glossary of Acronyms

  • EBCT – Empresa Brasileira de Correios e Telégrafos
  • Alfandega = Customs
  • CTCI  = Centro de Tratamento do Correio Internacional –   2 CTCI exist in Brazil.   São Paulo /  Rio de Janeiro.  Funcionando como centralizadores das correspondências vindas do exterior para o Brasil.   ( Same as when you enter the country on a airplane.  If you leave Sao Paulo and go to anywhere else you have to pass through customs EXCEPT if you go to Rio. )
  • CTE =   Centro de Tratamento de Encomendas
  • CEE Centro de Entrega de Encomendas
  • CDD = CDD-Central de Distribuição Domiciliar.
  • AC = Agencia Correios OR is it Agencia Comercial ???  Local Post Office – retail outlet   a.k.a. Agência Própria
  • ACCI   =  Agência Comercial do Tipo I  –  These may be owned or outsourced, it is good to call ahead to make sure
  • ACF = Agência de Correio Franqueada  ( Fraqueada = Franchised ) franchised agencies has limitations.

Currently only the agency's own Post Office can work with the Postal Bank, Agencies franchisees (ACF) or Type I Commercial Agencies Outsourcing (ACCI) do not operate with the Postal Bank ( Banco Postal ) .   More on "People's Banks" in NewsWeek  ( dressing up a capitalist idea in commy terms! LOL )


Experiment Number 3

Referring to below: Note the flow:  CTCI Rio > CTE  Benfica > CDD Angras > AC ( Agencia Correios Endereço: PC LOPES TROVAO, 142 ) …… this means the final sort is handled in Angras as you would expect.   There was no intermediate postal hub used.  Angras is very near city of RJ.



Experiment 5 – The track to Florianopolis

Experiment 7 – 4 phones > Luiz > in pieces


Experiment #8 – 2 routers and 2 phones to Boliva


Significado das siglas utilizadas pelos Correios (AGF, CDD, CEE, CTE e outras)


AC – Agência de Correio
ACF – Agência de Correio Franqueada
AGF – Agência de Correio Franqueada
CDD – Centro de Distribuição Domiciliar
CEE – Centro de Entrega de Encomendas
CTC – Centro de Tratamento de Cartas
CTCE – Centro de Tratamento de Cartas e Encomendas
CTCI – Centro de Tratamento de Correio Internacional
CTE – Centro de Tratamento de Encomendas
CTE-SEI – Centro de Tratamento de Encomendas – Setor de Encomendas Internacionais 
CTO – Centro de Transporte Operacional
DSE – Declaração Simplificada de Exportação 3
DSI – Declaração Simplificada de Importação 1, 3
NTS – Nota de Tributação Simplificada (nota que contém o valor do Imposto de Importação a ser pago)
RFB – Receita Federal do Brasil
RTS – Regime de Tributação Simplificada (relacionado a importação, pagamento de imposto)  1, 2
SEI – Setor de Encomendas Internacionais

Leia mais:
¹ – Informações sobre Importação no site dos Correios.
² – Informações sobre Importação no site da Receita Federal do Brasil.
³ – Informações sobre a DSE e DSI no site da Receita Federal do Brasil.


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