Cops are such pussies these days.  True story from Phx Az.  Told by friend who lived it.Phx Az early 70s.  Friend has a room mate that has done too much speed or whatever stimulant on an ongoing basis. Gets paranoid. Starts disassembling phones etc.  Friend Phil comes home to paranoid room mate shooting rounds into the ceiling thinking there are narcs in the attic.  Two cops outside rocking heel to toe as cops do standing as much as they do.
   Cop1:  You goin in there?
   Cop2:  I'm not going in there.  You going in there?
   Cop1:  I'm not going in there.Phil rolls up asks what is happening.  Cops tell him.  Phil says "Leave it to me no worries."  Phil goes in talks the guy down and it's all over.  I don't think there was even an arrest made because Phil would have said. Why do I say that?Well Phil was once up by Flagstaff fishing and was found fishing without a license by the game warden(?).  So he's from Phx so he figures "not paying this".  Months later knock at the door.  Game warden(?) hauls him off to jail for fishing without a license.  So there he sat.
  Guy in klink: What are you in for?
  Phil:  Fishing without a license
  Guy in klink: What? Come on. What are you in for
  Phil: Fishing without a license
  Guy in Klink: No really. What are you in for.
       on and on



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