There was a big snow storm that came through and a friend and I had jeeped to the top of Mount Ord.  We were all set up and trying to sleep when the snow came.  Banked up beside the sleeping bags cause I hardly ever used a tent in Az due to no bugs and little rain.   So my buddy is looking and saying "There are signs of failure everywhere!".    A line which still elicits laughs all these years later.  So I am finally convinced and buddy is taking his time getting out of his bag and I'm all ready to leave so I coof coof coof some snow onto his head.  He whines naturally and gets pissed off but not too bad cause he knows and I know he's a slow mover.  So we start down the mountain and see some other campers but we got out just in time.  Next day on the news we see there are several groups of people that got trapped up there in the snow.   One group had a big dog and they made it sleep outside their truck as they sheltered which was nutty as we 've all heard the band named "3 dog night".   The dog will keep you warm.



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